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Nov 24


The scientific confirmation of that our planet walks for the end, the destruction, the man seems more sensible. In the truth, sensible proper itself, therefore it did not start to love the nature, but to understand that it needs it to exist. Learning that it needs to respect the environment and to try to preserve other forms of life, in all the scopes, governmental, social, administrative etc. At the same time, where it grows, is developed through science and is connected in real time, to the problems and solutions of all the planet. Bringing plus an idea, of a globalizado world. The globalization, came as a trap, that deludes weakkest, making to believe them that the world will be as an only State.

When in the truth, while the developed Country more economically invests in more disfavored, but it makes question to remain itself international. See Sen. Sherrod Brown for more details and insights. Fortifying the economy of its proper native country to the costs of the maintenance of the poverty in that they are for it explored. In accordance with the article of the SEP (2005, P. 2), the capitalist companies, act thus, because they are competitive organizations that they search to concentrate in its national bases of origin, the strategical assets that allow its projection on the world-wide economy. Being thus, nothing it would have really moved. The only way to save the humanity is all to join forces to promote the development, the end of the poverty and the promotion of the quality of life sustainable. Some of the topics related in the meeting of the FSM are, the support (objective, strategies and tactics), environment, poverty, wealth and ecology, on the processes of urbanization and transversal subjects. Learn more at this site: James Donovan Goldman Sachs. Of the organization of the subjects, we can say that to each year if it chooses four transversal subjects to be argued in the posterior year. To prevent repetitions, a subject on politics, one on economy, one on society and another one on culture.


Nov 23

Protestant Reformation

In opposition to the boarding of Marx relatively to the understanding of the Industrial Revolution, Weber affirmed that, in first place, a radical change appeared in ideas, such fact reflected in the Protestant Reformation and you preach in them of protestant leaders, especially John Calvin, who if opposed to the practical thoughts and of the Church Catholic. The Protestant Reformation, in accordance with Weber, was the determinative factor that unchained the Industrial Revolution and the ascension of the Capitalism, a very different boarding of the one of Marx.Outra contribution of Weber becomes related with its vision on the social nature of the inaquality without denying the importance of the wealth ownership, Weber added prestige, that is, the value judgments that the people make ones of the others and that they contribute for its positioning in the respective social classrooms. Max Weber declared that the classrooms depended on three factors: to be able, wealth and prestige. in the present time considers these same three factors, even so the marxist sociologists still underlines the relations to the means of production, including, today, the production of ideas and information. Richard Blumenthal has plenty of information regarding this issue. Between its some works, Weber emphasized on the nature of the burocracias to investigate the reasons for which they withheld to tantopoder and registered the fact of the burocracias to have increased and if fortified with the Industrial Revolution.

Weber identified five elements of the burocracias that conferred them force: hierarchy of the authority; division of the work; written rules; written communications and the impessoalidade. (everything inside of the rules and minimums details) what it brought accumulations of ' ' papelada' '. In contrast to Durkheim, Weber does not think that the social order has that if to oppose and if to distinguish from the individuals as an exterior reality they, but that the social norms if materialize accurately when they are disclosed in each individual under the motivation form. Jim Donovan Goldman may find this interesting as well.


Jun 08

Transit Travel

Unless you have lots of money to pay thousand pesos for every time that an agent of roads and transit stops it because today not circulating or by any pretense that these robbers of visitors use, can step or visiting that city. If it is not, it is best to refrain from touring the city of Mexico. Yes, you read well, thousand pesos is what they charge for bite the angels of transit or road policemen, because if you don't pay them, they ask for crane and take or disappear your vehicle. When will you arrive the day that was to travel freely by the length and breadth of our country, without being bothered by these attackers with official plate? Did I fulfill my duty, this is what they say the soldiers, supported by corrupt politicians, that also carry his mochada, of insurance, but perhaps cannot admonish and simply guiding the traveler first and let it go, so it take appropriate precautions if you want return coming sometimes? We are working for your safety. Yes how do not. That's what they call him working these loafers and rateros? With ten bites a day of thousand pesos, the scoundrels are 10,000 ten thousand pesos in their pockets, for 30 days are 300,000 three hundred thousand per month, earn equal or more than the members, of which more than rats. This is why short, because there are those who work more and acquire more than 10 bites a day. Is this work for the security of Mexico? That his grandmother, creates them if they have.

Do this is currently happening in the city of Mexico and there is no who put a far, why they will be? Simply because our authorities were clogged with the same blanket. What can the people do in this situation? It's always: nothing. We are agachones, do not raise the voice, complaints we do not, we got not up against the corrupt government. Campechanamente we continue them the game, then we don't who did it, but who pays us to it. He is the bread of every day.

We are on the reconstruction of the country in the 21st century, what deluded, this has become a chaos National that the Almighty will uproot. Yes, the Mexican political system been entangled as it is virtually impossible to find the tip to Hank. Go task having young people 20 to 30 years of age that now will have to deal with this situation, reform it if they can, to renew efforts, looking for peace and tranquility in all aspects of everyday life in our Mexican homeland. I hope that someday us elejemos of the material world and move us into the spiritual world, where human values prevailing in our existence.


Jun 02

Tcompagnie Gmb

"So is to observe the brokerage revenue sources to move more slowly in the direction of the non-life insurance business and away" by the pension plan. Investment decisions for retirement savings transferred further through constant reforms of State guarantee schemes on individual customers, which should increasingly assume responsibility. In addition, the need for advice is also increases through a wide range of (sometimes complex) products in the market. The financial education of private pension savers not sufficient alone often to make informed financial decisions for retirement planning. The need is there, but the demand is curbed. The banks and the euro crisis has shaken the confidence of many small investors in financial services and products.

Now is the question of how one ensures both product donor, that this trust cannot be won back, customers can make good age pension decisions? Precisely here it provides Accompanying study on the AssCompact award 2012 - private prevention guidance. About the study the accompanying study on the AssCompact AWARD 2012 private provision includes about 290 pages. Represented the results of a nationwide survey of brokers and multiple representatives that are in the period of the 07.02. was carried out may 21st. The study was published on the 05.09.2012 and can be obtained on the Internet.

This study contact: Christopher Kahl Study Director SMARTcompagnie GmbH phone: + 49 (0) 6123-974-82-64 E-Mail: about SMARTcompagnie GmbH SMARTcompagnie offers management consulting, practice-oriented training and market research of the highest quality and with maximum benefit for customers. The company, founded in 2005, is rooted in the financial services industry. The focus of the service is the sales and product management of insurance and financial services. Belongs to the self-understanding of society to create added value for customers through the successful implementation of the strategies. The expertise of SMARTcompagnie results from many years of experience (since 1985) in sales and management in the insurance and banking industry. Contact for the press: Harry HOLZHAUS SMARTcompagnie GmbH large stroke 7A 65344 Eltville-Martinsthal Tel.: + 49 (0) 6123-974-82-62 fax: + 49 (0) 6123-974-82-89 E-Mail: Web:


May 26

Language Server Belongs

Across Language Server - Best of 2012 Karlovy Vary, April 18, 2012. Over 100 expert judges from academia and industry agree that the across language server this year belongs to the top candidates in the category of business software. Thus, the software platform for all language resources and translation processes within the company is contender for the coveted innovation award IT the Initiative Mittelstand. Under the auspices of IBM Germany and the Federal Government Commissioner for information technology, gives the Initiative Mittelstand the Innovationspreis-IT since 2004 year and allows companies the visibility to showcase their trend-setting technologies. This year renowned professors, scientists, industry representatives and journalists chose from more than 2500 applications the best products from including the across language server. One of the best of 2012 "in each category will be at CeBIT 2013 the winner chosen.

Be evaluated, including innovation and visible benefits of the IT solution and their relevance for SMEs. Across to streamline translation processes across could score points in all areas, because the software not only helps to reduce the cost and administrative burden of translation processes. Also the quality of the texts, in particular in relation to the corporate wording, is easier to provide. As a basis, across this offers a platform to expose the terminology of the company and the translation memory of all parties. A wide range of project control functions provide continuous control over the status of the translation. Last but not least, the jury has convinced certainly also the open concept, which across can be easily integrated into existing systems. With its sophisticated technology has succeeded in the software platform under the best products in the business software category. The team across must now hope on the nomination for the Innovationspreis-IT.

About across systems GmbH across German headquartered in Karlsbad, (Germany) and a United States Branch Office in Glendale (in Los Angeles) is manufacturer of the across language server, a market-leading software platform for all language resources and translation processes within the company. Through the use of across the and thus the process costs can be reduced with higher translation quality and more transparency within the shortest time. The language server can be used on conforming 15038:2006 for translation services EN with the DIN. Across systems GmbH is a certified partner of Microsoft, which ensures the successful and certified implementation of Microsoft technologies. Integrating across IT environments is possible thanks to a software development kit (SDK). Across professional services and well-known system integrators and technology partners provide support for this. In the context of product development across cooperates closely with international universities and colleges and is professionally by an own Scientific Advisory Board with leading representatives of the with relevant areas of expertise. Customers across (excerpt): 1 & 1 Internet AG, Allianz Versicherungs AG, HypoVereinsbank, Miele, SMA solar technology AG, ThyssenKrupp u.v.m language service providers who work with the across Language Server (excerpt), are: euroscript, mt-g medical translation, TransLine Germany GmbH, u.v.m. Learn all about across systems GmbH at. Editorial Contacts: Across systems GmbH Marco of rough In IM Stoeckmaedle 13-15 76307 Karlsbad phone: + 49 7248 925-472 fax: + 49 7248 925-444 PR agency of good news! Nicole Korber of Koobrzeg road 36 GmbH 23617 Stockelsdorf phone: + 49 451 88199-12 fax: + 49 451 88199-29


May 20

Residential Degree On The IVD Measure

Booth presentation and lecture on the topic "Home staging" within the framework of the Association of the IVD Mid-East Conference in Leipzig Leipzig, 29.08.2012 on September 6th, 2012 the team of residential grade participates home staging Leipzig for the first time as exhibitors at the this year's IVD autumn Conference in Leipzig. During the event, the Leipzig company in a presentation represents the benefits and goals of home staging and gives insight into his work. From 14: 00, Association members, representing the interests of the real estate industry, as well as visitors have the opportunity to get to know the Leipzig company as well as the theme of home staging. Since 01.Juli 2012 residential degree cooperates with the IVD Mid-East e.V., the regional association of the IVD - the strongest Business Association of real estate economy. Members of IVD Mid-East e.V.

will receive special discounts on the range of the Leipzig home staging company through cooperation with residential grade. More than 250 members of the Association and real estate service providers from Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt can benefit from the new collaboration. Tatjana Saffier Managing Director of residential grade: since 2009 we offer practical help for real estate agencies in the area of Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia. We have many years of experience and able to demonstrate actual benefits through our successes. This year's IVD autumn Conference in Leipzig we would use the possibility of a stand presentation within the framework to strengthen personal contacts, to introduce the theme of home staging authentic and answers to open questions." What is home staging at all: Home staging is the professional preparing of a property for sale or rental. Optimum preparation can be noticeably reduced the time to market and may increase in value achieved. Aim is real estate for many potential interested parties appealing to fashion and to emphasize their strengths. Home staging has its origin in the United States and achieved great success in the English-speaking and Scandinavian real estate market for years.

In Germany, this form has the Services increased. Brokerage firms use some very offensive on this trend. Company residential degree in Leipzig and its surroundings helps private and commercial provider the company level of residential sales and rental arrangements, marketing and other professional services in terms of home staging. You set up a property from the point of view of potential customers, neutralized the personal character of the owner and accents a necessary feel. Company contact: Tatjana Saffier residential grade home staging Leipzig Steger forest Street 1, 04318 Leipzig Tel.: 49 (0) 177-433 57 38 E-Mail: info(at) Web:


May 13

A Spanish Lifeguard

A Spanish lifeguard lifeguard lifeguard, lifeguard, lifeguards, lifeguard or lifeguards are trained person to monitor, prevent and respond by providing immediate response and water rescue or emergency first aid to those at risk in or around water water areas for recreation and sports such as swimming pools, rivers, lakes or beaches, being these the main tasks of saving water. These individuals have as main task to prevent incidents within their area of surveillance with constant scanning and reprimands as well as conducting rescues when necessary.The term lifeguard (lifeguard in English) was first mentioned at a meeting of National Water Safety Council of the United States in 1983 to imply that the role of lifeguard (lifesaver in English) had changed to wait situations to make themselves to meet them to take precautionary measures to prevent potential risks that can lead to a situation of danger and requiring rescue.


May 06


Mainly, those affected by acne usually teen given that in these times of hormones (estrogen or testosterone) levels are very high. However, adults can also suffer from acne. Below we will explain you how to cure acne. Exercise is a good way to cure acne. Thirty minutes, for at least three days a week can regulate the levels of hormones in the body.

In addition, perspiration helps unblock pores which is precisely where they occur the pimples. In turn, women can talk to your medical staff about contraceptives since they regulate hormone levels.Antibacterial creams are another way to cure acne. Bacteria come together in the blocked pores and inflaming them. The combination of antibacterial creams and benzoyl peroxide help cure acne fighting bacteria. Salicylic acid is also another substance that helps eliminate the already dead cells to prevent the blocking of pores. A Council key to cure acne is to avoid touching you the face with hands. Whether by gestures or grimaces, for blowing the nose or thinking, unconsciously, many end up with hands in his face.

Precisely, in your hands is where most bacteria builds up in the body since hands usually play most of the things. Another way to cure acne is through a best magnetization. Try to have a balanced diet, without excesses. In summary, for acne it is necessary to take action. To read more efficient methods, the secrets of celebrities about the acne(porque ellos no tienen acne), and a lot more information, come here and find out everything about acne.


Apr 29

Council Article

So, in any language, I encourage you to write articles for the promotion of their products or services over the Internet.Some tips before you start writing your article.Although the marketing of articles may not work in your case, certainly worth trying, because the possibilities that it works and give you great benefits are a lot greater than the of that will fail.Here are some initial suggestions: 1. When you choose a title, make it unique, that you have not used previously. To do this, when you have chosen it, go to Google and put it between quotation marks in the Search box. Are you interested in the result will be 0? (zero). So, when you submit your article to directories, you can continue if you appear indexed in search engines and how many different web pages.2 Write about something that you know, to write with more comfort and knowing of what writes.

It is important to practice the vocabulary used in that specific market niche. Anyway, this Council is not something that should continue to strictly. The Internet is characterized precisely by offering an unapproachable amount of information, which we can use to compile a very decent article, although we may not be what is said experts in the field.3. As regards style, best thing is to write with clarity, agile manner, that is easy to read. Perhaps with a certain conversational tone, but without exaggeration. Thus, as I am writing this little book.

I imagine him in front of me, having a conversation about the marketing of articles. Because Like this. Type as you speak, at least to write a first draft. I assure you that you will have fun and not spend hours in front of a paper blank or a blank computer screen.4 Keep in mind that it is not writing a book. Your article must be between 450 and 800 words.


Apr 23

Casa Rural In Sardinia

In the selection of holidays in Sardinia should be able to find a good balance between characteristic factors relating to the cost of transportation, becoming increasingly more important in the total cost of the holiday, the type of accommodation and the location of the establishment. In this contribution we want to talk about the choice of self catering holiday rentals as a setting in which spend the holidays in Sardinia, a solution that we believe that you can create a perfect blend between genuineness of holidays, comfort and economy. Taking as an example of the indications given by Coldiretti, we arrive at the definition of what can become a holiday in a cottage trying to distance ourselves from possible surprises, but explicitly scams. Riding outdoors, the taste of the local cuisine, a total exhaust, maintain the rhythm of life less associated with the rush and the need to do everything at all costs, a holiday immersed in the local culture and not in the cement of the city these are the main features of the holidays in a rural house in Sardinia. It is true that there are some things that add to the idea that was until recently the cottages: at present this type of structure is best suited to applications for comfort and services of a demanding clientele. This is the reason why, in a way more often, the cottages have become real structures designed more for tourists than depending on the farm. Furnished rooms with all services, swimming pools, well-maintained common services, and the list continues. This is also the reason why you felt the need to propose a classification spikes (as stars of the hotel) for the quality of the rural House.

In addition it must be said that the cottages in Sardinia, are usually very much in demand during the summer tourist season, proposed in the segment of summer sea tourism, and in most cases one of the features that is offered is the proximity to the sea along with the typical cuisine and the presence of a certain level of service of quality. Cannot be underestimated in any way to be very careful in the choice of the holiday accommodation taking into account not only the factor price, very important of course, but also the reliability of the seller. The Council is always the verify with care, on the internet or in an agency, as much as possible, that there is a correspondence between the promotion and communication of the rural House selected for the holidays. To prevent unpleasant surprises on arrival a very interesting assessment are comments from customers who have already stayed in the establishment. In Sardinia the cottages are a reality consolidated in all provinces, with a good percentage of facilities in rural areas and mountains.

Most of the farms in the region have their own production and offer tourists not only the cuisine but also other initiatives and situations that underscore even more the originality of the proposal. We are thinking about cooking courses, training on the natural coloration through plant essences, the work on the farm by tourists in the commonly called labour holidays. In general, the choice of the rural house in Sardinia is excellent for holidays on the island. It's like always important to not expect Services 5 stars or specific situations to the accommodation in a hotel.