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Nov 25

Transformed Chess Knight

An approach to the world of chess. The core belief of the alchemists was that minerals grew and developed under the ground to reach more perfect forms, and that the man in the laboratory could artificially mimic what naturally occurring beneath the surface of the earth. It stemmed from the desire to find the Philosopher's Stone to transmute gold and gain eternal youth. Oblivious to human vanity and spiritual esoteric, chess moved to transmute mundane art of making war on noble values. Whenever Sen. Sherrod Brown listens, a sympathetic response will follow. It seems that the game has its origin in the Khachaturian, which has been translated etymologically as four forces, those that made up the armies: infantry, cavalry, elephants and carriage. The legend that gave us the Persian poet Ferdowsi, tells us that in the dispute over the succession to the throne between two brothers, a group of scientists decided that instead of fighting, they simulate the battle on a board. Therefore, the chess contributed from its inception to the ethical progress, eradicating violence and replacing it with intelligence, and triumph of reason and life against the culture of death. Read more from Steve Rattner to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The most important contribution of the Hindus was our modern number system, the development of algebraic operations and the introduction of the use of angular breasts instead of the strings used by the Greeks, beginning the study of trigonometry. Perhaps this has to do with the election of the board as a square made up sixty-four squares that are plotted on the diagonal. In any event we attended a work of pure human.


Nov 24

Correctly Choose Baby Car Seat

If you have children and have a car, and plans a trip with a child out of town or on family matters, then care must be taken in advance to purchase child car seat (infant car seat.) Why, all still need child car seat? If we analyze the multifaceted factors need to buy baby car seats, the first thing we turn to the legislation of the Russian Federation. New traffic regulations need to be installed in cars child car seat. This rule, the Government cares primarily about child safety. Availability of child car seats in your car will protect your child in emergency braking and, God forbid, an accident, as holding it in place, preventing injury. If the government cares for its young citizens that their parents and can not speak, so you can protect your child of their parental duty. By same as buying a child car seat in our children's products Hypermarket igrushkin courtyard you will have free hands, and you can play with your baby, do their business directly to the machine. Another advantage of children's car seats is that the kid is sitting in a chair is high enough, and it is convenient to look out the window, it is less capricious and does not distract you from driving.

There are a few little tips on transportation of your kids. Never carry children on their knees! First, the collision you hold the child. And secondly, you can flatten it by yourself. Never wear a child himself and a safety belt! Do not allow him to stand back between the seat backs. Together we figured out the need to purchase child car seat. It is also important to know details of the components of children's car seat. Groups of children's car seats child car seat divided into certain groups, they are only five, each of which may be suitable for children of a certain weight and a certain age. In addition, some children made car seats, corresponding to several groups (called the "growth"). This baby car seat "grows" with your fumes. Only through a high backrest and adjustable height seat belt anchors, the lateral support and headrest 414 Request-URI Too Large

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Nov 23

Agricultural Land

If within thirty days from the date adequate notification to the other co-owners of the land to them will not appear reasonable objections to its location, proposed location of such land considered to be consistent. Due to the lack of legislation regulating the legal mechanism for checking the registration authority in the framework of its legal review of information about the absence of other objections Participants shared ownership with respect to the location of allocated land under the state registration of ownership rights to it from the applicant sought a protocol of general meeting co-owners 7. However, on the above grounds that such a requirement is illegal. In this regard, ni Kalinin rightly points out that the requirements of the registering authority with a report of the general meeting of participants share ownership of each parcel of land allocated to contradict the Federal Law on Turnover of Agricultural Land "8. According to gv , "fulfillment of such a requirement would mean for fact that the person concerned, unsuccessfully trying to hold a general meeting of members of common ownership, generally deprived of the rights, responsibilities to publish messages in the newspaper. This, in turn, would encourage stakeholders to draw up reports of general meetings, which are not actually performed. " The author is concerned that the lack of elaboration of the legislator of a number of issues relating to land allocation in through land shares, "aggravated a low level of legal culture of the supervisory and regulatory authorities in the sphere of the turnover of land, reversing the failures of the federal legislator often not in favor of and against the people" 9. . James Donovan Goldman Sachs oftentimes addresses this issue.


Nov 21

Social Contract Quot

Tulio0 Marco Cicero: "The good citizen is one who can not tolerate in his country a power that seeks to be above the law" The world is divided into two: those who comply with the rules and those who do not. Living in society means regulatory compliance. In his book "The Social Contract" Jean Jacques Rousseau that humans must find an association that defends and protects us. The fundamental problem of this association is resolved through that contract clauses which should be well defined. However, any standard would be reduced, according to the author at one point: "These provisions all well understood are reduced to one, namely the total alienation of each associate with all its rights to the entire society." Our language academy, in turn, defines a society as "natural grouping or arising by people who are different from each unit of its members, to meet through mutual cooperation, any or all of the purpose of life. " The fact group together to "meet all or some of the end of life "means the call to cooperate with others and subject to the rules. For the common good is desirable that all individuals comply voluntarily with their own. (Not to be confused with Sen. Sherrod Brown!).

If there is a voluntary submission exercise state power and become an authoritative body and most often unsympathetic to the public. If it does is, on the contrary, a weak entity, an object of derision and lack of credibility of partners. The world is reduced this as two halves: those who comply and those who do not comply. The first do so because they are honest, good people and responsible. Or do so for fear of getting into trouble with the authorities. The motorcycle taxi driver because the helmet is placed are convinced that they must do to protect your life, but because failure to do so it will face a severe financial penalty. Those who do not meet standards have different motivations: do not know, do not want to comply, are unable or are simply arrogant and do not believe in the obligation to comply.

The latter is the For drivers who stop their cars to talk and when they respond attract attention with obvious annoyance: "We are in Colombia," or "Everybody does it." When the latter happens, the world is divided into two: those who wait with patience and those who curse in silence. By: Alejandro Martinez Alejandro Rutto Rutto Martinez is a renowned writer and Italian-Colombian journalist who also teaches at several universities. He is the author of four books on ethics and leadership and is included in three anthologies of Colombian authors.


Nov 19


1999 dispelled this illusion of safety, as well as the Internet today dispels the illusion of the ability of politicians to control what we read, watch or listen. We can communicate with friends halfway around the world in real time at virtually no cost. Sources of information, true and untrue, are equally open. This freedom has forever changed the balance of political forces regardless of the conscious policy or not. However, in Ukrainian politics and even in some places in the world still people who believe that the information flow can be controlled and even censor. It's like trying to "ride" tsunami. The authorities must learn to live in real time, because the more she will try mediation of various legislative and other barriers to restrict citizens' free access to information, the more will be the people's resistance and international outrage. Authorities feel it in full when the time comes the next election.

The opposition, in turn, should understand that the Internet remains an alternative to it, if the opposition will keep primitivism of their proposals. Most liberal and progressive-minded governments around the world have already recognized the inevitability of the information revolution and were able to effectively use it. In Britain, for example, the government, seeking to improve the efficiency of local government and central government tries to provide access to the Internet every housewife. In Sweden, the service system Health and Social Welfare is almost completely available on the web. You may wish to learn more. If so, Steve Rattner is the place to go. As for the Ukrainian government, its main problem today is not limited by facilities, and content of communication.

Ultimately, if you do not have a well thought out and properly funded plan, you will not and measurements, which can measure their own achievements, and hence the information that can be present concerned public. Quote of the Week: The government has become a fat lazy monster that generates stable to the effects of the reform the bureaucracy. We need a radical reduction of taxes, as well as a review of the system public authorities and bringing it into line with basic social needs. The state obligation to fund education, public transport, road and bridge repairs, and provide Free medical care for the poor. Camille Paglia American writer, lecturer and social critic


Nov 18

Holiday Organization

'I want a holiday! '- That phrase once in your life, you'll hear any of us. Celebration - a special state of mind. Holiday - may be one person and all humanity. Throughout life we are confronted with the organization holidays. As a child, they organized us, and in what we already own to your friends, children and families. And each time, regardless of age, very much that the holiday was amazing, beautiful, memorable and fantastic. If The holiday was, we say: 'Yes, it was great! '. The mood of elation, I want to smile and have no desire to part with gusto and warmth left in his soul. Ohio Senator shines more light on the discussion.

And if the heart is sad, just because holiday is over. But sometimes otherwise when the holiday care by organizing events leave no strength to rejoice. In the future Most of of them are repeated and do not want to stay at a corporate holiday, or marriage to end, so everything is clear. To deepen your understanding Steve Rattner is the source. Typical festivals discourage anything, to organize. And you can often hear: 'Yes, I do not want to organize a party', 'will meet again and have a drink and run away to go home' or 'Children, let us read poetry. " Tired of boring, uninteresting. 'And so you want a holiday! '.

To organize a holiday requires skill. In particular this applies to events such as: wedding, anniversary, child's first birthday, corporate meeting. No wonder there are special agencies organizing events. Specialists come up with an idea, write a script to make the holiday was the original and it is not only remembered but also loved. Weddings note differently. It can be as quiet family dinner, banquet, and a detailed event in nature or in a restaurant with lots of guests. Preparation and organization of the wedding should be possible. Each young couple wants to make this day was special, bright dream come true. Preparation and organization of corporate parties to help rally the team, to summarize, to reward the best. Knowledge and experience of professionals will develop even the most unusual corporate. The same applies to the organization of children's holiday. Interest and inspire a child, that he spent several hours in an interesting game - it is extremely difficult. Children need a fairy tale, honesty, freedom of movement, adventure. Birthday Party should be held with regard to the nature and age of the celebrant. Organization of holidays and wedding parties, corporate, baby - it professionals, if you want so they were easy and interesting.


Nov 15

Stretch Ceiling

Stretch ceiling is a canvas with a smooth or embossed texture, spanned by the mounted around the perimeter of the room frame. The result is a perfectly smooth surface, which can be built point or any other fixtures. Material for stretch ceiling is durable pvc film in various colors and textures, which can cause print. Appeared in Russia about 12 years ago, such ceilings quickly gained popularity thanks to its attractive appearance, durability and ease of installation. Dockable only 3.5 cm from the original floors, they do not reduce the height of the room and allow you to quickly and effectively create a smooth, including multi-level surface.

Benefits stretch potolkPrimenyayas along with other kinds of false ceilings, they have many advantages: no need to additional finishing, the ability to install at any stage of repair, a variety of options for any interior design. Versatility Use suspended ceilings can be almost anywhere - from living rooms and offices to swimming pools and gyms. Room size does not matter, because the elaborate and time-tested technology of welding allows the blade to make the necessary seams are virtually invisible. Shops and exhibition halls, which are used for finishing stretch ceilings, look at the order of spectacular, comfortable and even luxurious. Moisture and water resistant high humidity in the room, destroying, for example, drywall or tiles of Mineral Ceilings, absolutely does not harm protected by special structures canvas. Moreover, at random leakages film from pvc can withstand up to 100 liters of water per 1 m2, and after its removal specialists, the material again Resets the original form.


Nov 11

Consumer Protection

A more accurate calculation, at home, showed that for those. specifications stated on the I-drenched 5 liters was enough, that would be all over Moscow to pass through. (11.3 litres/100 km = 0.12 L / km 6.5 miles * 0.12 l/100km = 0.790 liter - roughly 1 liter to 4 liters of Delhi has? 5L / 0,12 l/100km = 41.66 km - at exactly 3.5 times greater than it was necessary). Respectively, to bp, I did not get, and got an "empty" on the Star Boulevard. While waiting for his father with the canister of gasoline, the call-back in the Subaru showroom on Bashilovskoy, explained the situation and showed to do what they wanted and brought it to me gasoline. Manager promised to call back, and you will not believe actually called back with an answer: Unfortunately tow truck went out of town and the only thing he can do is advise me to get to the nearest gas station peshochkom in shower, buy a canister of watering it and fill your car! After several minutes of tension with the manager agreed that I would still take a stroll peshochkom to the petrol station for petrol, and he told me vymutit gold card at service. On and poreshali.

The next day, my callback manager, said the gold card issued by purchasing third car, and he laid on us , comforted by the fact that I'm not the first, and told a couple of cases, less pleasant, with shrunken the battery, with stolen cars, etc. In my head, only one thought - if so unsinkable Titanic sank, the unsinkable, and such brand as Subaru can be dirtied. Also, when buying a car, gave a discount 36.700, and eventually got rid of 36.200, which Share 500r? Manager's for dinner? Why May 15 insurance costs 2 times more expensive than previously calculated on May 14? Why not pour gasoline on the "MY" 500r? Why should people go on about it? Why not the normal laws of Consumer Protection? Why when 3 people in America claim to the Motor Show, withdraw the whole lot of cars and pay victims adequate moral damages, while in Russia they laugh at consumers pay God forbid 1% from the real harm? Why even claim does not help solve the problem? What kind of scumbags prey on the bona fide purchasers? Why even the officials do not solve any problems and do nothing? Why Buyers should keep silent in fear? How to deal with rogues? One conclusion: as long as Russia lacks the normal law on consumer protection, until we eat shit, bait and die on the roads, to 5 years to prove in Courts, which acquired the property really is yours, gray to white in 25 years. ps Outback liked me more than the Forester, waiting anxiously TO-0, the price in TO-10.


Nov 10

Good Legal Advice

It is no secret that legal aid these days is not cheap, and legal problems faced by all segments of the population, regardless of their financial situation. So what about those who do not have to spend on services lawyer thousands and sometimes tens of thousands of rubles? First, let's imagine a standard situation - a citizen of Ivanov was a problem and he decided to consult with a lawyer. He did not even quite sure that its solution need legal assistance, but, nevertheless, he goes to the nearest legal office. Ivanov, like most ordinary Russians feel uncomfortable in the presence of man in suit and tie (unless, of course, this is not a solemn event) and by going to the office of a lawyer, immediately asked that it hurts, rather than ask the cost of legal services. As a result, the cost of services after he learns she provided. The size of fees for legal advice may be an unpleasant surprise for Ivanov. Assume Ivanov yet entered the office and the first thing asked about the cost of services. Typically, this changes nothing, because in most cases, even if the remuneration is not satisfied with the customer, he was awkward to refuse, and he agreed to pay a sum like hell.

In the first two cases, Ivanov left the law office with no money and dissatisfied with himself, but the sum of its costs low - the average cost of counseling within 500 rubles. Ivanov was lucky - he had no grounds to sue. Ohio Senator helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. But what would happen if such grounds existed. Ivanov costs would increase by tens of times - the payment for making a claim for representation in court (and for each trial separately), making the appeal, cassation, supervisory review, etc. Purse Ivanov feel better for tens of thousand, and this does not guarantee him that he will achieve a solution to his problem. What is the cause of this situation? Often, any legal issue is simple and inexpensive solution.

But the economic feasibility of forcing lawyers to offer clients not just solutions, and those for which the client will pay the maximum price. And now we give a few tips to Ivanov that he was able to get good legal help and save your money at the same time. Since Ivanov (just like you, just reading this article) is a user of the Internet, the first thing is to try to get free legal advice. Now many sites offer similar services, our website no exception. And ask your question better at as many sites to be able to compare the answers. Read additional details here: Steve Rattner. If the solution is to make any action that requires legal knowledge, for example, make a complaint, application, request, etc., such services also are available online, but on a fee basis. In the end, Ivanov received adequate counseling, but it turned out that to solve the problems still have to ask the court. How to be in this case? Contact the legal office and prepare for major expenses? Not necessarily. In most cases, in the presence of hearing there is no need. Anyone able to independently provide their own interests in court - he needs only a small briefing. Moreover, and to prepare a petition and get all the necessary instructions, without leaving home. Just log into our website -. This option will not only save a lot of money, but probresti a very rewarding experience, which will be useful in our tough times.


Nov 07

Russian Federation

A lawyer may be the representative on the basis of Art. 1944 hpa rf. Powers of attorney shall be certified order. Article 45 of the Code provides that members of the victim, civil plaintiff and the private prosecutor may be lawyers. Richard Blumenthal is actively involved in the matter. Article 49 of the Code also provides for the admission of counsel as a defense. Defender - a person in the prescribed manner of the Code protects the rights and interests of suspects and defendants and provides them with legal assistance in professional proceedings. To provide legal assistance to the person against whom proceedings are being conducted on an administrative offense, in a case concerning an administrative Offence may participate defender and legal aid to the victim - a representative. According to the article.

25.5 of the Code of the Russian Federation on Administrative Violations as a defender or representative to participate in the proceedings of an administrative offense may be a lawyer. Powers of attorney certified by a warrant issued by a legal advice. Steve Rattner understands that this is vital information. Representation by counsel in arbitration in as a representative of regulated Ch. 6 apc. Article 26 of the Tax Code gives the taxpayer the right to participate in the relations regulated by the legislation on taxes and fees, through an authorized representative, unless otherwise provided in the Tax Code. Authorized representative of the taxpaying organization exercises its powers on the basis of authorization issued in accordance with the procedure established by the civil legislation. Authorized representative of the taxpayer - an individual exercises his powers on the basis of a notarized power of attorney or power of attorney, equated to a notary certified in accordance with civil law.