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Oct 14

Parmenides And His Contributions Political Thought

Ancient Greek philosopher Parmenides (C. 515 - C 440 A. C) approx. Contact information is here: James Donovan Goldman Sachs. Second half of the sixth century - the beginning of V century. A. N. E. of Elea (Southern Italy) leading figure of the Eleatic school.

Parmenides was represented at the world, the appearance of an area still and completely filled. Bluntly contrasted the "theory of truth" (that being the true, is one, eternal, immovable, indivisible, and does not contain Vasio) to the doctrine of the opinion (of which there are a multitude of things come and go, move, are divisible into parts, and are separated by a vacuum). The doctrine of truth is accurate, "the doctrine of opinion is only probable. Parmenides consciously oriented doctrine of truth against the dialectics of Heraclitus and his disciples. The doctrine of view, Parmenides expounded his hypothesis astronomical, physical, physiological. materialist naive physics Parmenides is based on the assumption that there are two principles, the assets of fire and light, dark and lifeless. The distrust on the testimony of the senses, the high valuation of speculative knowledge.

Introduced the doctrine of Parmenides an element of idealism and even rationalism. While the denial of the motion Parmenides makes the founder of the ancient Greek metaphysics. Young, when Parmenides represents the world as a sphere filled with still and does so for two reasons. First: for the former belief that the earth remained stationary, due to this phenomenon the planets and the sun revolved around it. Second: that the universe was finite to the Greeks.


Sep 24

Education, Politics and Timeless Journeys

It was the last thing I wanted to do: submit to the scrutiny of such distinguished characters and look like the fool I am. Besides, what he meant Salvatierra's physician with that of a last things. What education? What politics? What anthropology? Just in case, as I sailed in a modest sea of vagueness and common places for those things almost anachronistic and timeless, NOA must be both. "As have changed! "sighed Dr. Villalobos to hear my succinct and stammering relate " Today everybody goes to school, while I was in my time as a conscript to fight for the children of the rural world could learn the four rules.

"At best, the situation is not as idyllic as it seems a " speaking Unamuno. "What do you mean? "inquired the other. "Well, maybe everyone does to study, but does not learn much. Literacy is not the same culture. More education does not necessarily mean greater understanding by the recipient. Here is an example a "said, seeing signs of dissatisfaction by some grump components. When Cervantes published Don Quixote had very few people who could read and therefore could enjoy his great novel, but the lawyers of that time were educated people, who dominated their knowledge time. Now, however a "he added, without specifying whether the temporal adverb referring to my town or the day of his, that this had a little trouble chronological ", people know many inconsequential trifles, but lacks the intimate, general of the world we live, it lacks depth and intellectual perspective, lives in an inane superficiality.


Aug 09

Democracy and the Politcal System

In the field of political system, democracy is beginning to be regarded as an impediment, as a nuisance. We are not, then, and sometimes many people do not realize, in an industrial society. Consequently the forms of power are different. Consequently, the old forms (trade unions, political parties, business associations and all those "institutions" of civil society) are crumbling, like traditional value systems, family, power systems (democracy in danger) .


Aug 08

Leadership and the Law of Attraction

On this occasion I will talk about the leaders, to understand more clearly the concept of humility, because as I said in other articles, to greater humility closer to God we return and the actions we take to accomplish our goals with the law of attraction, will be carried out more effectively. At group level, you understand that leader is headed by a group of people. This group may be formed from two people to thousands of them. Leaders come in all sorts of groups and relationships: at work, in sport, with friends, in politics.


Jun 09

Conservatism in America Today

There are three basic ways in which conservative politics manifests itself in the United States today. That is in the areas of the economy, the military, and entitlements. The general philosophy of those that adhere to conservative beliefs is a philosophy that the rights of the individual take precedence over the welfare of the state. The state has obligations to individuals, such as providing a means of self-defense for its citizens, and creating a social structure in which those individuals are free to develop and achieve according to their abilities.