Dec 02

Guerrilla War in Bolivar

The international community pressed hard for an international operation to blur the homeland of Bolivar as a country and narco-guerrilla. See the last point more clear way: the enemies of Spain (ETA) and are reportedly living in Venezuela, the Colombian government, FARC guerrillas, also, those of Israel (cells Arab and Palestinian terrorists), also, the U.S., terrorism, Osama Bin Laden, drug trafficking, or talk. It is war, buddy. Lighten the rooster does not sing and can not be more foolish opponent who, for example, as a blind instrument of its own destruction, to press for the sacking of a government administration jealously defends country's sovereignty. Length is a matter for reflection concern. The machinery is moved correspondingly to international smear campaign against Venezuela. Internal (opposition submissive) and externally, as we said.

The latest on the subject was the military takes over Las Malvinas by England. For oil, for its exploitation, jurisdictional problems with Argentina, allegedly. Such is the story and argue that water brings to our submarine and other equipment of nuclear war. Do not say that is not justified as a military move to secure oil adjacent to the island, but we slept on the possibility of constituting an army to support the U.S. adventure in the region. Ask ourselves that question. "Strategic Positioning for the battle? Remember this: the U.S.

and his old home country, England, playing in key to the war. And walk through and around these parts, as they say, with vessels of war and others. I say the latter and concluded, at the risk of critical as safe: Since the coordinates and the war are located on the country, eager for oil, and given that different political choice for the Hugo Chavez runs the country is the Venezuelan opposition, submissive as we know (a fact that would save the spoils of war to U.S.