Nov 07

Money Laundering

The holder of "black money" would accept a substantially lower interest, because normally even he has a propensity to pay more in order to make it legal. Thus lenders improve their ratios, would again be re-capitalized and able to provide. It would prevent a collapse of property prices as there again end market for borrowing. And the government even get alternative resources in two ways: by the interests and elsewhere for the same income taxation. Would be even able to reduce the tax burden for the rest of the citizens and businesses, providing the perfect argument to justify the action and to deny (at least part), the fact that an amnesty to reward fraudsters. Always better to continue with sterile injecting liquidity result, mortgaging our future and that of future generations. Between 1977 and 1991 after 14 years.

From 1991 to 2009, should it occur, 18. Such measures, used in times of crisis promptly and acuity necessary, can make the repayment to the Company of any type of consideration by those that were profiteers later. Beyond that the State will always be able to expose only a small percentage of amounts so important quantitatively, via audit measures. Now, what would the impact of the measure, taking into account the Law 19/2003 to combat money laundering, and the Executive Service itself Prevention of Money Laundering attached to the Bank of Spain? All depend on the communication campaign that inevitably accrue necessary, and in any case we believe that the measure would be a great help for those institutions since its adoption should be extremely careful to not return the funds emerged to hide.