Oct 16

The Revolution in Display Technology Has Arrived

There has been a revolution in display technology in recent years. With the development of touch screens, partly due to the explosion of mobile phone, this technology can be found everywhere. Touch screens have been greatly favored in industrial applications since there is no need for separate input devices such as keyboard and mouse. Industrial touchscreen devices have been favored for its ease of use and its robustness. Learn more at this site: Connie Coleman. The LCD, plasma and digital signage is another revolution in the fields of display and the monitor. These devices have fallen dramatically in price now is just cheaper to use a digital signage or an LCD monitor which is having an old-fashioned 2D signal created and installed.

Keep any exterior signage digital safe and secure is the only challenge, especially if the LCD, plasma or digital signage should be located outside, Dondee should be protected from vandalism and theft or in an industrial area, where elements such as dust, dirt and fluids should be reserved to saturate the device. When you need an industrial demonstration device such as a LCD or Plasma Industrial industry, the key is to select a well-designed LCD box.

Many manufacturers now produce boxes packaged industrial LCD or plasma industrial cabinets, ideal for industrial applications or digital signage demonstration outside. These industrial LCD can be manufactured and designed to cope with any environment, they can even be produced under the European guidelines, such as IP65 or IP54 (NEMA and the U.S. equivalent.)