Jan 23

My Dog Trained Not Me Obey

Basic obedience is one of the main tools for the control and modification of different behaviours that manifest the dogs throughout his life. It is for this reason that many dog owners seek the services of a professional trainer of dogs or a training school training. The results of these processes of training sometimes deviate quite the expectations end of each owner, while in most cases dogs are trained by professionals and schools with extensive experience and technical training. OBEDIENCE VS hierarchy as mentioned it in other bulletins and as I often say to my clients, dogs are pack animals. The above means, that require live under a basic social hierarchical structure where one or a few leaders identify. Train a dog in basic obedience, but not give our pet a clear hierarchical structure within the human herd that lives, would be equal to that one person has many academic degrees but no sense of respect for their elders at home, or by their bosses in the company.

The hierarchy in dogs is not too complex, is only based on the existence of a leader and a few subordinates, but requires an attitude of firm and determined part of the owner, coupled with elements such as consistency, coherence and discipline. OUR dogs not are machines: A good percentage of dog owners, who they send to train your pets, have poor conception that training and coach it will do everything for your dog and this changed from night to day just by the fact of being trained. The above is quite far from reality, that our dogs are not machines that we can send to the workshop to repair and then simply run. Once completed the dog training course, each owner this in duty to train in a theoretical manner and practised in the handling and compression of your pet. Every owner should know at least the basics of canine behavior as you must develop skills practices that they will help you manage your dog through what they learned in basic obedience. BASIC obedience + hierarchy: A good hierarchical Foundation coupled with a good program of obedience are the ideal complement to minimize various problems related to the daily management of our pets. The hierarchy will provide the dog the right place within the human herd at the time which created a sense of respect for the dog toward the leaders of the herd. Basic obedience for its part provide control inside and outside home, allowing all owner, to enjoy more of your dog. Alvaro Osorio G coach canine original author and source of the article