Feb 23

All These

They are planning to do a recycling system of water, to use it to the maximum, as well as the construction of a hydroponic greenhouse to water savings and the care of the air and land. In particular in my family we come to the agreement that each of the members we encargariamos do an action with beneficial impact. My son the mayor chose to be aware to care for electric power, noting us when we keep switched on electrical appliance, or some bulb use rationally waxing them home, etc. My daughter chose to conserve water, to swim, to make cleaning the House, washing machine, using us brushing teeth, etc. My son chose the minor, be aware do not generate waste and to separate organic and inorganic wastes. It gave me great pleasure as yet beyond thought of making that separation.

Requested me that we bring the recyclable material to the center of the home farm, since in this space make the collection to sell such material and obtain economic resources. All These actions were great learning for everyone. We have involved more like family, we have developed our ecological conscience and we have learned to work collaboratively. I am very pleased with this experience. It was also in this second semester when I heard for the first time the tenets of Eastern philosophy, specifically of the Buddha. Listen on Buddhist philosophy I was pleased, because it allowed me to integrate my previous learning something new and very meaningful that marked very clearly and accurately my act in the world. Conceive of Buddhist philosophy as simple, concrete, precise and disciplined. These features help to whom the practice to progressively achieve the development of wisdom to attain enlightenment. I understood that to be a true educator holistic needed to know and practice the proposal of Buddhism, in order to develop the discipline of a bodhisattva with firm conviction.