Aug 11

Congress Party

Interviews no waste, they are people that in some cases personal capacity are representatives of certain "castes" or certain social or religious groups and from her very particular perspective put us through the author, contact and knowledge of their family histories, their experiences, expectations, fears and frustrations and sometimes by themselves have been actors or their families, we present an overview of past and contemporary historical events that have marked the course the history of this complex and vast country. Braided with memories and ideas of the author are developing family histories of two, three and sometimes more generations from memory and with the voice of those interviewed tell us the story plots are contrasted with memories of another interview and another and another ... from city to city and from region to region, opinions, memories and experiences that ultimately result in complex but specific snapshots immersed in the rich mosaic that is unfinished but the Indian sub-continent. Learn first hand what it means and means to be Brahman, or belong to a caste considered "inferior", which is to live under the Hindu tradition or outside it, or being Muslim or Sikh, which meant the colonial period, with its ups and downs, its splendor and decadence or independence of the hands of Gandhi and the Congress Party, which is to live in Calcutta or Bombay or in the valley of Kashmir or New Delhi, the partition of India to create Pakistan and the conflicts that caused this (and not yet have been resolved) and the multiplication of conflicts that marked the second partition to create Bangla Desh ...