Oct 15

Gastric Bypass

Obesity is one of the diseases with the highest rate of mortality nowadays, and is also the cause of many other diseases. Thanks to the endless number of foods with too many conservatives that society consumes, it is very easy to suffer from obesity and for some people it may be impossible to lose weight which after many years have won. Gastric bypass may be the only option for these people, so in Mexico and particularly Monterrey many doctors have specialized in the realization of the gastric bypass. Gastric bypass is a surgical procedure that consists in decreasing the size of the stomach and the union of the stomach with the part of the intestine that is not responsible for the absorption of calories. This operation can be done in two ways, first by open road, which consists of the opening of some part of the body to have a clear view of how the patient's body is constituted and the second is through a laparoscopy, which is through an small incision for the incursion of a small camera with which you can perform the operation. The second is the most used, since his recovery time is shorter and the size of the much smaller scar. Thanks to the realization of the gastric bypass many people have had the opportunity to improve their health, i.e., to lose weight can be performed with greater ease physical activity, or improve the condition of illness that had, say diabetes, many diabetic patients have come to control their disease. And many others have prevented any serious disease with a gastric bypass.