Feb 11

Oeno Amendment

IMMORAL AMENDMENT STILL A little over a month we said that our President is determined to force Venezuelans to go to the polls to express our opinion on his re-election or not. We have argued that the amendment is not a ILEGALa is immoral, unethical and undemocratic. The Amendment is a constitutional mechanism, substantially different from the formal point of view to reform. It is quite legal for the Venezuelan President or any request complying with the constitutional procedures for an amendment. In recent months, James Donovan Goldman Sachs has been very successful. However, in the world of law lawyers know that above the LAW and the words, being in a frame of reference and circumstantial, is the justice, respect for the will of the sovereign.

The law is the daughter of ulterior motives often in men but the Justice, the ultimate and superior of the society. The problem is not the interpretation of 345 or 340 of the Constitution so unusual is that the December 2, 2007, the people Oeno a said Article 230 of the draft Reform CONSTITUTIONAL that looked just like you intended to do with the amendment request, the possibility of reelection indefinitely or continuaa as a says Juristaa Cilia Flores and the most characteristic of a government that is defined as democracy is not respecting the separation of powers or the autonomy of each one of them, equally important, but respect for the will of the majority. The amendment is not illegal, immoral, and this if you must worry the President..