Mar 18

Plastic Frames, Wooden Frames, Aluminium Frames

Postponing the discussion of manufacturing frames and cardboard to mount, consider all design options for the form of paintings and mirrors in the baguette frame. Baguette and baguette all profiles that are out of it the same and are manufactured can be divided into 3 separate groups: Plastic Frames Wooden Frames Aluminium Frames. They differ not only in price and material, but also quality. Thus, the strength can be attributed to the group of aluminum baguettes, for comfortable work with material - to a group of wood and only life in a group of plastic baguettes. usion. Naturally Framing Workshop, as well as interior moldings, always has in stock several kinds of baguettes. Probably the best solution for framed mirror in the bathroom can be a manufacturer of plastic molding frame, because he is not afraid of humidity, and quickly adapts to virtually any environment.

But with wooden baguette is more difficult because the frame of Wooden frame is better not to hang in a damp location, but visually a baguette looks much better than a plastic counterpart. If you have to transport frames from one city to another, then there would be the best aluminum prints. The strength of this molding is considerably higher than the molding of plastic or wood. Likewise, the baguette frame can be hung in the street and indoors. These baguettes are different incomparable and unique strength and longevity. Often in such a framework are inserted posters, photographs, or posters with or without a mat. Designers will always help you select the prints for your favorite painting, embroidery or other work. Today in Moscow, and throughout Russia, there are many different salons and shops baguette, which provided a wide selection of baguettes and cardboard mat. Best of all - to come to the studio, and most find, see and touch these baguettes, to be fully match your needs and wishes.