Apr 03


But the main difference in price "accumulates" at finishing. Finishing with artificial materials with finishing layer, ie, glued to the canvas material simulating what - either natural or fantasy figure or color. Read more here: Ohio Senator. All surface finish on this ends. Next dismisses edge. Himself edging material is different and costs tens of times and its application depends on the need to make a cheap door or quality.

Finishing wood veneer stock rocks. It forms the core value of quality of panel paintings decorated with natural materials. Sam veneer is quite expensive, from $ 2.0 for the most "simple" rock up to $ 20 for rare. In the manufacture of "shirt" veneer from 30 to 50% of its goes to waste because of the need to gather a picture. Work on selection of drawing "shirts" exclusively manual, requiring care and thoroughness. Shirts must be pasted quality polished with usually very expensive machines costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. Next comes the finish of the same quality level as the array of valuable species.

Quality finish expensive timber - is a mandatory requirement. Otherwise If, as a precious, but not faceted stone - its beauty no one sees. Glazing. Flush doors can also have different types of glazing. Glass bead is attached to the canvas (the cheapest option), curly baguette or a frame with very complex bindings, made from an array of valuable timber. All this greatly affects the cost. Glazed door (with pre-installed glass) is at least 50% more expensive than the deaf.