Apr 13

The Government Watching Out for Your Interests

We are in a strange country where everything seems to be subject to grants if it does not give the impression that we do not implement any project, recently someone told me I need a grant for my movie, someone told me I need a grant to implement launched a magazine, I want to mount a play, a ballet, an operetta and for all cultural projects need public support to build schools, hospitals, and even to take on debts of sports clubs of all kinds. Public money appears on all sides which I do not know if it's good or bad but it is so, so sad when the state extended its tentacles to more places every day society, which I think is not good for entrepreneurial minds to see all evil, give up trying.

This situation has reminded me confused when they advocated that the state guard watching over your interests, do not know if it will, but I do not like to get into my life and I find it hard enough to stay in a certain logical order, so nobody should come and tell me how to think my life, I have already enough to weather all the events that day by day carry in my soul. For the coming of the state to tell me how I should think, feel, read, hear, see, ECTA. It is the idea of feeling horrible all the same, all thinking the same thing, intrigued by the same sort of thing, as if it were uniform everything. Imagine hearing the same music all that horror, watching the same programs, received the same information The critical in today's society is branded as something almost subversive, the four times I tried to get into politics I came out scalding, then the first thing I ask is that I joined the party and pay my fee, which is to pay a just, takes refuge in that which to defend a philosophical and political idea is not necessary to pay, but rather believe in what is argued, money for important things such as health, water and other basic services, electricity and telephone. Paying for defending your thoughts sounds absurd, weird even sounds like belonging to a particular club but philosophical, does not sound right. The convictions have to defend because we believe in them, without pay, or to follow a leader determined that sect, where all nod happily and blindly obey the leader but this does not have charisma ... radio announcer for 16 years also cultivated writing..