Apr 15

What We Expect From the National Economy

Finally, Mexico has 54 international airports but again the use taxes are high. In this pillar, which is very important we find that the country is easily accessible from the north to the southern United States with Guatemala and Belize in terms of infrastructure but the taxes and lack of investment by the government leaves it to private Road construction quality which should bring some benefit to them and this comes directly from the pockets of citizens, if we want to promote economic growth should Moner government to work to achieve free transit in the nation's highways. "We have National Economy GDP number 12 worldwide (CIA factbook) with about 1.56 trillion dollars, and the lowest compared with all the BRIC block belonging to this we add that Mexico is one of the most affected countries are saw the crisis and is rated as one of the worst countries in the handling of it so do not expect very good results in December to publish the results of all countries and Mexico is not turned to see foreign investment be nothing more and nothing less than Brazil, which is opening its doors to investment. In regard to imports and exports are a country that we have a deficit in this area, namely import more products / services than we export, as well, this is not the only problem we have our exports are too United States focused on those who send 82% of total products, this explains why we were so concerned with the crisis.

I do not consider Mexico this very well in this aspect we have to turn to look south as exports to a market which is largely forgotten by the Mexicans, we are leaving aside the fact that we are one of the countries with the worst distribution of wealth in Mexico we have people who have very good places on the lists of the richest in the world but also have more than 20% of the population in extreme poverty and increasing. "National security is definitely the weakest link in the chain, Mexico spends 0.5% of GDP to support the military (CIA factbook, 2006) which places us at number 161 out of 173 countries evaluated, the higher the percentage invested Somalia its GDP than Mexico (0.9%) clear that the difference in size of GDP is abysmal, insecurity in our country is such that firms prefer not to invest in Mexico because of lack of security costs are very high, do not blame them, recently we set aside to Colombia for kidnapping returning the number one worldwide, we add that drug trafficking has increased to the point of considering some cities "failed state" that means drug trafficking controls the cities because the police do not come to these territories or simply are on your side. In conclusion Mexico is a country with great potential and clearly has the resources to do unfortunately takes someone with vision and leadership to ensure the country's interests and not the party, who to this day has not arrived and unlikely to reach the meantime we are left only with Calderon's speech stating that in 2040 we will be one of the major world powers, which I see mostly as a motivational speech, because they clearly are not actions that put us on the right track.