Apr 28

How To Sell On EBay Internationally Without Risk

eBay allows you the opportunity to sell worldwide. It is exciting to communicate with a customer from England, Australia or Japan via email. Hear other arguments on the topic with Senator Richard Blumenthal. It's almost as if you were talking in person. It also opens a huge market! Many U.S. sellers not sold internationally in order to receive higher bids and more interested in their product, but must follow the guidelines that will explain below to ensure your payment. There are only two ways to pay, thus ensuring absolute zero risk regarding sending product overseas: 1.

The first is wire transfer directly to your bank. You can contact your local bank and that will guide you through a bank transfer operation. It is very similar to the process of having a payroll check deposited into your account. As soon as payment is electronically deposited in your account that can never be touched by any other source that you, the owner of the account. Once the bank notifies you that payment is wired or transferred to your account, you can send the product. 2.

The second is that it is a division of Western Union. This was originally called BidPay.com and the name has been changed to Western Union (R) Auction Payments. The payment of this method is completely processed via email. You will then receive a physical check from Western Union. This usually takes three to four days after his confirmation by email. Very important! Do not ship the product when you receive the confirmation message. Wait until it physically receives the check from Western Union.