May 21

The Kings In The Reading Of Letters

It is in this piece to analyze the importance of the four kings of the minor arcana of tarot cards and what each means in the reading of the letters. They are figures of power and authority, and despite being minor arcana, its energy is powerful enough to convey a strong message. The presence of the kings in the reading of the letters usually have a more powerful meaning. Despite being minor arcana, the Kings have a relevance higher than other cards. They are figures of power, and each has nuances of the clubs they represent. Jim Donovan Goldman contributes greatly to this topic. The king of hearts in the reading of the cards is rather ambivalent figure.

This condition is not only given by the two glasses is in your hands. It is a powerful figure, seated on a throne, representing nobility, along with his crown, but the throne was found floating in the water, giving the ground with any sense of finality. You may want to tell someone who is outwardly calm but inwardly brings a storm of passion, which by its own inability of circumstance, or by his own personality aside or repressed, is unable to express openly. Everything is not for itself, it is for others counselor, a reference figure, protector, but with a well hidden internal weakness. The king of diamonds is a kind of King Midas, turning into gold everything passes through their hands.

In reading the letters is a mystery very auspicious, and may be considered as the logical conclusion of the full set of gold: material well-being must be accompanied by spiritual growth to sustain that wealth. The economic power in the hands of someone who is not noble, can only bring a huge emptiness in store, and consequently suffering. The king of diamonds is a person who, perhaps because the maturity he has, do not want to experience new ways of proceeding, is consistent with what has been achieved so far, and their methods, so that rules out innovation. This does not mean it is stubborn or stupid, it's just conservative. The king of spades is an impartial judge. When leaving exposed in reading the letters we speaks of a person who can make the necessary distance to measure the consequence of acts and can analyze the causality of events without being carried away by the passions, in this sense is similar to the Justice of the major arcana. But the king of spades is not a passive leader, which is only satisfied with advising. If you have to go to battle, you can be certain that the king of spades march alongside their soldiers. Finally, the king of clubs in reading the cards is a kind of Henry Ford, a visionary who will have ideas that will change the world, and its challenge is not to carry them out without or convince others that their ideas are appropriate. This is someone who enjoys the adrenaline that generates overcome challenges. No person is a king, is a fighter, but not in the style of the king of spades, with acts, but with thoughts. Her appearance on the invites us to think to solve our problems, to appeal to our logic rather than the sword. Undo the knot, instead of cutting with the sword.