May 31

Separation of Church and State

I make a formal invitation to the most knowledgeable in this kind of materials, in order that they expose their own opinion. 54) the image of the law is a representation of the earth men are continually seeking, causing this purpose in our spirit is the essence that has soul. Which is preserved forever, because our souls are the essence of God Most High. Which in the light of our understanding allows us to confirm that the law can stand in our spirit. 55) politics and the constitution are different in a number of factors, some of its properties are similar but not equal. Political science studies the system of government, while Constitution not only study it applies it.

Political science investigates the direct relationship between the legislative, executive and judicial. The constitution relates directly and exerts its power over them. Political science sets out some rights and duties that can benefit the people. The constitution materializes so that legislators are applying to the reality of things, so the people can benefit. The constitution is for the people, therefore it is necessary that the latter fully known.

Otherwise amend the constitution is constantly positive laws that benefit the people, and then replace them with laws that negative and harmful. Which directly threaten the citizens, which he called unconstitutional. So we can say that it is not necessary to know the opposite of the constitution. The opposite of the laws is that they contradict, if produced to the same laws are complied with and these are not met is what I call conflict of laws.