Jul 07

Freedom is Attained Through Bloodshed

Needless to say, a: a is an invitation to understand that the future will not be free in the corner but through the use of arms and bloodshed inevitable. a This is the meaning of the word war, if it had not been clear. United States has a long history of domination in the hemisphere. President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton Secretary of State have the opportunity to change the course of history and away from a dark tradition of military dictatorship, repression and death in the case of Honduras, rejecting or, I read an interesting article ena U.S., but as is knowledge by all, not done. a On the contrary, covertly financed the de facto government of Honduras, refusing to categorize as coup, given that U.S. Learn more on the subject from Jim Donovan Goldman. law would prevent him ipso facto accordingly continue its war strategy in support of a gorilla military and political provocations in the region. a It is clear to see that the cards are thrown: who we are, as we see and what others think of themselves, to counter us.

U.S. is a country of war. a survives So historically, the subjugation of another, always disguising human submission behind the curtain of civil or human rights, needs oil, energy, profile command, all bearing of a belief among its citizens to feed the fiction of democracy interferometers grown their dominant classes, and then allowed to have moral and make recommendations to others, needs the other American, sister of the geographical part of its islands, its waters, their land, people; we need. a But with the disappointment that we see as few figures as an energy source, like a slave market as a Deposition, as a sale of bananas, as geo-strategic, as part of the chess board in its rivalry with other worlds to Earth , as a brothel or palm or Antillean breeze to calm a hot flash, as anything but institutional and constitutional republics that scorch principles of national sovereignty and values of human respect. a As if any pages of Plato, Aristotle, Montesquieu and Rousseau had never flown in these parts and humanistic achievements as if they were not a universal heritage of the species. Such violence of perception and necessary treatment does not write about politics and literature.