Jul 08

The Torah is the DNA of the Universe

JOSE Brechner Of all the "enlightened ones" who get into politics, there is no more dangerous than the clergy. Rep. Charles B. Rangel spoke with conviction. It seems that gluttony to feed their egos with a wider audience than attending to their places of worship, they cause an inordinate ambition that usually ends badly. In Christianity, liberation theologians were tumbling to the Vatican, the Catholic religion and society in general.

Its effects are visible in the leftist-populist governments, undemocratic, now in power in Latin America. Magnets are the intellectuals of Islamofascism that is terrorizing the world, and in Buenos Aires, a false call Rabbi Sergio Bergman who are eager to take control of Argentina's Jewish community and its institutions, but it received its first electoral slap, losing Orthodox list for the address of the AMIA. Their failure was overwhelming, just won 21 percent of the vote. Bergman is one that manipulates the twisting religion to suit you, instead of accepting instructions God, that have been operating effectively for more than 3,300 years, making the Jewish people remain alive and vibrant, despite the unparalleled hardships he suffered, and still faces, maintaining strength and moral authority that few can match. No wonder, the basic laws underpinning the Western civilization, and that remain unchanged over the centuries, are based on the Ten Commandments.

Judaism is not only a religion, is a treatise on laws and a system for a life in perfect harmony between mind and matter. The Torah is the DNA of the universe. Their study reveals the secrets of the cosmos.