Sep 07

Russian Federation Ministry

This technique should be commissioned by the Government to develop the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, its absence so far resulted in a significant number of conflicts between insurers and their customers osago for assessing the cost of repair and respectively, the insurance payment. With the introduction of direct settlement in order osago scheduled legislator on March 1, 2009, the lack of methods to assess damage Ministry of Transport will be critical because, relying on this document, the insurers should implement settlements in the new system. "Currently, a working group comprising representatives of Ministry of Transport, Traffic Police and the pca, is developing a document" - Kozlov said. Its foundations were laid as the methods and approaches of the Russian Federation Ministry of Transport and relevant developments sar statistics insurers. In addition, pca and Russian Ministry of Transport to discuss the idea of a special reference to indication of the price parameters for spare parts of cars, taking into account regional factors, which will benefit, in particular, the experts and all interested persons. According to Kozlov, such handbooks regularly available in European countries.

"We hope that this project can be implemented well before 1 March 2009, simultaneously with a single methodology for assessing the refurbishment of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation", - said the representative of the sar. According to him, has still not adopted the legislative proposal to amend the Tax Code and the procedure for accounting insurers needed to introduce order direct settlement for damages in osago in Russia, where the owner of the policy osago able to seek compensation in their company. As previously reported, deputies and insurers osago initiated the transfer of administration of such an order at a later date, citing the so that the possible withdrawal of insurers from the market amid the financial crisis in the first half of next year will complicate the launch of the calculations. Currently, this issue is discussed. According to analysts Angela Dolgopolov, the chances of a decision to postpone the introduction of direct settlement or conservation of the date of March 1, 2009 are estimated as 50 to 50.