Oct 11

Backing Up - Home Safety

Backing up a delicate matter and the responsibility, because the copy is the most important and expensive information. This can be as precious customer base or the original layout of the latest issue of the journal, which is prepared printing, and personal information not related to the business, such as pictures of your year-old daughter and a video of its first steps. And still do not know what files are more expensive, is not it? On the market today there are hundreds of decisions Backup: Special (sharpened under the backup the same data type) solutions and programs for a wide .Besplatnye and very expensive .Lokalnye and online programs. Domestic solutions and overseas. For home use and for huge corporations. On the choice of suitable software solutions for backup and data recovery in case of loss of original written tens of thousands of pages. How to choose the only right solution? The answer is simple, the main program for backing up - it's reliability.

After all backup information is to be restored in case of need. Therefore of paramount importance when creating Backup is its reliability and ease of recovery. No matter how cute was not an interface, no matter how broad range of functions was not a little pleasing to see an error message instead of the correct recovery backup lost for some reason or other data. Be sure to check the reliability of the software solutions before you entrust the most important information. If the application is free to test it thoroughly data recovery and read reviews on the forums. Any commercial backup program that offers a free trial period, be sure to use it to make sure that data is recovered smoothly without errors and overlaps, and then to purchase the program.

Commercial solutions are understandably much more reliable than free. If you write a backup on disc, be sure to include verification records, that is checking the possibility of correct data recovery from the media. Ability to encrypt a backup and use compression can be very useful to improve security and save space. Be careful with passwords if you use them - lose or forget the password, it means goodbye to the opportunity to restore the backup. An example of a reliable and stable software for backup and Data Recovery is a program of Handy Backup. Reliability Program is confirmed by certificates Microsoft Compatible with Windows 7, Works with Windows Vista and a few dozen awards and certificates.