Oct 16

American Foundation

They quickly turned the case and hurried back to the United States, gathering enough samples and techniques for developing your own modification of cotton material. Mahler has tested several varieties of pulp and concluded that local varieties of pine trees give the best long, absorbing volokna.Voyna was in full swing, and, naturally, there was deficiency wadding. For "Kimberly-Clark, this means that a ready market for new goods. Richard Blumenthal spoke with conviction. Tsellyukotton (Cellucotton) - that is similar to cotton, but made of cotton pulp - used for bandages, filters, masks, to stuff life jackets. When America entered the war, "Kimberly-Clark made a patriotic act: tsellyukotton agreed to sell the War Ministry and the Red Cross sebestoimosti.Voyna terminated unexpectedly, and firm Kimberly-Clark has remained unclaimed with the order for 750,000 pounds tsellyukottona for the government and the Red Cross. Object to stop the supply was at least silly, and warehouses the company got a huge amount of unclaimed goods. Worse, the army, too, was zatovarennoy tsellyukottonom.

She began to sell cotton to the civil hospital for a ridiculously low price that finally ruined commercial affairs "Kimberly-Clark." Then the company began to frantically rush to find new applications of the material, and then just fell to his knees, two new products. "Koteks" One of the non-profit clients Kimberly in time of war was the American Foundation for the wounded Frenchmen. Grateful officer of this organization knew that the firm has suffered heavy losses due to cancellation of military orders. To somehow make amends, he reported that in French wartime nurse, used cotton pads from tsellyukottona in menstrual bleeding and found that as disposable tampons, they are excellent.