Nov 01

Legal Literacy And Internet

Since 1993, the Russian state cemented a new constitution. Continuous improvement of Russian legislation is now. Perhaps the real citizen sovey country can consider itself a person having legal literacy, because ignorance of the law, as we know is not an excuse. Always be aware of legislative innovation is not only important for people professionally or socially active related to the legal sphere, in the modern world to the law are subject to all spheres of life. Modern information technologies make it possible to keep abreast of legal developments of the country.

Key codes and laws are now always possible to find free Internet access, and not just buying a special booklet. Constitution of the Russian Federation as a foundational document is also easily accessible to any Internet user, which is typical - with latest amendments and changes. This is exactly distinguishes the electronic information resources from their print counterparts. For more information see this site: Steve Rattner. The entire set of instruments is now available via the Internet, there are many resources where everyone can get timely information about these or other changes in legislation.