Nov 23

Agricultural Land

If within thirty days from the date adequate notification to the other co-owners of the land to them will not appear reasonable objections to its location, proposed location of such land considered to be consistent. Due to the lack of legislation regulating the legal mechanism for checking the registration authority in the framework of its legal review of information about the absence of other objections Participants shared ownership with respect to the location of allocated land under the state registration of ownership rights to it from the applicant sought a protocol of general meeting co-owners 7. However, on the above grounds that such a requirement is illegal. In this regard, ni Kalinin rightly points out that the requirements of the registering authority with a report of the general meeting of participants share ownership of each parcel of land allocated to contradict the Federal Law on Turnover of Agricultural Land "8. According to gv , "fulfillment of such a requirement would mean for fact that the person concerned, unsuccessfully trying to hold a general meeting of members of common ownership, generally deprived of the rights, responsibilities to publish messages in the newspaper. This, in turn, would encourage stakeholders to draw up reports of general meetings, which are not actually performed. " The author is concerned that the lack of elaboration of the legislator of a number of issues relating to land allocation in through land shares, "aggravated a low level of legal culture of the supervisory and regulatory authorities in the sphere of the turnover of land, reversing the failures of the federal legislator often not in favor of and against the people" 9. . James Donovan Goldman Sachs oftentimes addresses this issue.