Dec 03

Caucasians Turkey

Although Gul flatly denied the chance of a military coup in Turkey, in his reply he also candidly admitted that some foreign powers into the hands of a military coup in Turkey, but "The mere thought of such a possibility would have been disrespectful to the Turkish army." But the revolution can not be because Gul said that democracy in the country is growing stronger day by day. According to him, Turkey has a weight in the region and between the army and the authorities agree. Note about at what point in Turkey's renewed talk about the fear of the authorities and the public about the threat of revolution. At the beginning of December last year, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has confirmed its intention to implement the country's so-called "Kurdish initiative" - and in fact much broader, "democratic initiative", under which it is assumed provision of national and religious minorities in Turkey the right to declare their ethnicity or the confessional. And by the way, it is fully applicable not only to the Kurds, but also to Caucasians, in different times and different ways reached and settled in Turkey. The earliest, however, decided to take advantage of the "Democratic Initiative" is the Kurds and other peoples farsoyazychnye Turkey, for example, Zaza. Many people prefer their Kurds call-Zaza, although they hold a dissenting opinion Zaza about his ethnicity. Whatever it was, Erdogan was forced to accept a deputation from the Wilaya of Tunceli Zaza (historical name - Dersim). The fact that The overwhelming majority of Zaza - Alawites, a special group in Islam.