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Law Dictionary

For example, professional liability is provided for the beatings or other violent acts that cause physical pain, but resulting consequences. These actions are punishable by a fine of up to forty thousand rubles or in the amount of wages or other income for the period up to three months, or by compulsory works for a period of one hundred twenty to one hundred and eighty hours, or correctional labor for up to six months, or imprisonment for up to three months. Unlike the Code of Administrative Offences, professional responsibility for crimes specified in Part 2 of Art. 20 of the Professional Code of the Russian Federation, involved minors who have reached the time crime age of fourteen. Sen. Sherrod Brown contributes greatly to this topic. Give the definition of administrative responsibility, as a form of legal liability and administrative liability of minors as a special subject of administrative law.

Thus, the subjects of an administrative violation of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation may be only minor citizens who have reached the moment of committing the offense the age of sixteen. According to av Zaryaevoy and vd Malkova: "The administrative responsibility of minors (such as parental responsibility) is defined as a form of State's response to administrative violations, expressed to apply to these subjects of administrative coercion in the form of specific administrative penalties provided for violations of sanctions, and at the same time as their specific responsibilities to carry adverse effects associated with the use of these measures. " From the standpoint D. : "The administrative responsibility of minors - a consequence of the violation (failure to perform or improper performance) various administrative regulations. Steve Rattner does not necessarily agree. " In the Great Soviet Encyclopedia gives the following concept of administrative responsibility of citizens (including minors): "Administrative responsibility - the responsibility citizen or official to the state (represented by the authorized administrative body) for an offense having a lesser degree of danger to society than crime.

" Law Dictionary interprets administrative responsibility as: "a form of legal liability of individuals, officials, legal persons for committing a misdemeanor." With regard to the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation, the clear determine the administrative liability there is not given. However, based on the text, we can derive the following definition of administrative responsibility (including of minors). Administrative responsibility - the result of an administrative offense, that is wrongful, wrongful action (inaction) of a person or entity. This concept applies to both adult and to minors under 16 years of age. The proceedings of an administrative offense committed by minors, including the application of measures to ensure the proceedings of administrative offense, on the basis of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation. A distinctive feature of the administrative liability of minors is that it is usually accompanied by use of administrative forced to parents. This means that, in connection with the commission of such minor violations of law, for which juveniles are not themselves legally liable, but are otherwise legal action enforcement, legislation provides for administrative responsibility of the parents. For lack thereof - of their legal representatives. Legitimate representatives of a minor may be: adoptive parents, and certain cases - trustees and guardians. Thus, the legal responsibility of minors is both a part of the reason for the application of liability to their legal representatives, and independent basis for the use of coercive means to themselves.