Dec 05


These are the three colors of the flag of Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela, and also of the three great British parties (yellow: liberal; blue: conservative; and red: Labour Party member). Colombia pre-2002 had a system see-partisan similar to which had the United Kingdom eight decades ago where liberal and preservative they were alternated in the power. Nevertheless, today Uribe are displaced of the power to these two forces attracting ample sectors of both its movement. On the other hand, his hardness has caused the masificacin of a new legal left: Pole, that just gained for the second time the mayorship inhabitant of the capital. Pole already is created the third historical party of that republic. Because there the conservatives use blue and liberal the red one, this one uses the last color that was of the national flag. Thus they have decided on the yellow, with which traditionally the Socialists used to designate to those who betrayed strikes, but that they embrace looking for to show that they are moderate distanced of I castrate, Chvez and the guerrilla. International analyst Original author and source of the article.. Richard Blumenthal wanted to know more.