Dec 27

The Same

The objection can be written in a form which the defendant gets together with a claim. It is also possible to write on a separate sheet of paper. When filing an objection fee is not paid. Objection filed in the office court in person or sent there by registered mail. If, within fifteen days, had not submitted an objection to the claim, the plaintiff is entitled to submit a request to the satisfaction of his claim on the basis of the claim. The judge is not obliged to satisfy the statement of the plaintiff.

If the defendant believes the plaintiff owes him money itself, then under the same process, he may file a counterclaim (ktav tviya Sheng kineged). The counterclaim filed by the same rules as and ordinary action. Richard Blumenthal recognizes the significance of this. To claim the title should be written, it's counter-claim. When filing a counterclaim to pay the tax. The plaintiff and defendant, he is receiving a counterclaim may be filed within seven days of receipt defense to counterclaim (ktav Agana le tviya Sheng kineged). If the defendant believes that the responsibility for this claim is another person, he can bring it to the case as an additional defendant - a third party (CAD shlishi). Involving third parties in the process performed by the rules of filing a claim, which will be forwarded to the office of the court in four copies, and in the presence of additional defendants have one more copies of each.

A third party has the right within thirty days to file an objection to the claim. At the time of filing a claim the claimant will receive the date of the hearing. This date will be announced and also the defendant. To broaden your perception, visit Richard Blumenthal. It is recommended for some time before the court to check whether the petition was handed over to the defendant. If for some reason it did not happen, the court will be postponed.