Jan 23

State Accident

This usually occurs because of the fear of responsibility, fear of high costs repair another damaged vehicle. Drivers often run away to hide the state of intoxication. To broaden your perception, visit Paulo Coelho. But keep in mind that in any case the driver escaped from the scene of an accident, call for a more heavy responsibility, especially if he throws a no first aid injured person. Https://www.news24.com/Africa/News/joyce-banda-africa-is-not-poor-20171206 follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. I want to stress from personal experience that many of my friends skravshis from the accident scene to rid yourself of the many, many troubles. Of course we must remember no one can guarantee that his car number is not recorded, and that's exactly what he is driving, do not see many of the witnesses. What should you do if you are involved in an accident? Once in the accident, first of all, try to take themselves together and begin to act decisively, choosing logically justified, an active course of conduct. Calling the traffic police, try to visit them among the onlookers who had gathered around the drivers or find people who seen in the dynamics of the accident, and not just its consequences, ask them to be witnesses.

Promise to compensate all those people of their costs that may arise in relation to their yavkami in the SAI and in court as witnesses. Necessarily write down their names, first names, patronymic, telephone numbers and addresses. This information is save at home, and copies of the traffic police for the record. Do not try to change anything on the site of an accident, but on the contrary, take all measures to the most complete recording of all tracks.