Mar 08

Hydroelectric Power Stations

In an agreement that it authenticates the position taken by the previous administration, the mayor of Small Chile Luperciano Muoz and the unamimity of the councilmen decided in the last session to express his publicly opposition to the construction of hydroelectric power stations in the river basin of the Baker river, that to a large extent is located as much within the communal limits in the homonymous river as in the General lake Carrera and that considers the localities of Small Chile, Bay Rockrose, Great Malln, Fachinal, Guadal Port, Bertrand Port, Sector Ceballos and Ro Leones. Sen. Sherrod Brown is full of insight into the issues. The edile explained that this decision must, in general terms, to that this one is a region that has a concept, a seal. It is a reserve of life for our central planet therefore we are not going to accept that these mega is constructed, considering that all the instruments of regional planning which they exist, from the PRDU (Regional Plan of Urban Development) for down, outline to us like a tourist place, that is going no longer it to be with these mega central. It added to this argument all the ecological disaster, all the social intervention in different the commune. Filed under: Harold Ford. We are because this region follows free of contamination and that does not pay by the errors that have committed so much the governments of the Agreement like the Military Dictatorship, which they did not think about a balanced power development with the nature, that did not invest in investigation. He emphasized that in the Region of Aysn we cannot be an experiment of the rest of the country as far as paying those errors. And basically when this energy does not go to the humblest populations of this country but to the great multinational companies. On the intervention of the communities on the part of the company Luperciano Muoz it expressed that we did not negotiate nor compromised with HidroAysn.

We did not accept their gifts, and like them they have been handled with an international consultant who is the one that is behind changing mentalities, to buy you bring back to consciousness in the different communes good, that they continue it doing. It added that people are the one that will know if call welcomes of these mega central, if it participates or in the call that does to them, is not that will exclusively of people and we are not going away to put there, but as municipality we did not accept any type of supports nor donations. We cannot betray the decision by money nor aid of any type. The citizen consultation remembered in addition that was realised in Tortel, where a 80 percent of which they voted almost rejected the dams. Those are gestures of bravery in these times where everything has an economic value. That they know that there are people, politicians or representatives of the community who are not prepared to compromise nothing with respect to a so important and sensible subject as she is it to continue maintaining our region like reserve of the Humanity, reserve of life or like a free region of contamination. In the agreement adopted in the session of the 13 of April they voted in favor of the rejection to the dams in the Region of Aysn, besides the edile, councilmen Fidelina Roco, Jorge Vargas, Jorge Hereme, Cristian Rockrose, Navy Loncn and Ricardo Ibarra.