Mar 09


BRAZIL AND ITS PRESIDENTS were verifying the history of the presidents of Brazil and evidenced quetivemos 39 presidents, since first umprofessor Floriano Marshal in 1889 dezmilitares twenty and three lawyers - Epitcio, Person a doctor Juscelino, journalist FernandoCollor, a Eng. Frank Itamar civilian, a sociologist Fernando Enrique, until hoje2010, Incio Luis Da Silva (metallurgist). I observed that they had been few presidentesque thought about the social one. To read more click here: Author. Contextualizando history since the FIRST REPUBLICAVELHA OLIGARCHY, predominated ospolticos natives of So Paulo goes of 1889 1930poca of the colonels, the presidents emsua majority was farmers, the Brazilian economy was essencialmenteagrcola, did not exist hand of qualified workmanship, all the employees trabalhavamem farms and received wages needy, therefore they needed the aid doscoronis, that explored its force of work. With loaned money, I assist to educate the children and aid in the hour of the illness, was ways to demanter the control on the workers and creates a personal dependence. Opoder of the colonels it exceeded the limits of the farm, also arriving scidades.

The people lived in a horrible delay. scene was a period of great agitaesno politician and social Brazilian. At this time, the growth of the centrosurbanos gave to another feio to the game traditionally controlled politician pelosgrandes land proprietors of the parents. Liberal, the burguesiaindustrial the urban laborers and excessively diligent professionals, and the classrooms mdiasconvergiam for a universe of claims, therefore the government lived carcomidopelo vitiates and the corruption. NEW STATE AFTER the 1930 REVOLUTION, goes until 1945Assumindoa presidency Getulio Dorneles Vargas who if extended per 15 years, marked poruma very strong leadership took measured to assume the dopais control politician, suspended the constitution soon, closed the legislative CongressoNacional, State legislatures and City councils, intended to disassemble aestrutura of being able of the first Republic, the faces explored the people. Nationalistic Vargasera if 1964Assume the power general DUTRA, was supported by Getulio, but, then if it placed adisposio of the United States, opening space for the importations, with this American osprodutos had taken account of the Brazilian market.