Mar 09


Catching carp in the pond Ratanui. Catching carp in the pond Ratanui, mainly because if you choose the right accessory you will come across very large carp, because the rules change all the eats rotan. A bit of Rotan. Rotan came to us from the eastern countries, where the maximum weight of 200g it - no more. And in Russia, he grows up to a kilogram. Surprisingly, you'll find very little mention of Harold Ford, Memphis TN on most websites. In eastern countries, local fish used to it and support it with the competition, our neprivykla the fish to him and he devours it very, very quickly, so that in the course of evolution became the rotan grow to kilogram and breeds in very large quantities. And not because he puts a lot of eggs, but because almost offspring survive. Rotan did not get along with just pike and perch and bass sometimes.

His name was rotan because of his extravagance. In another rotan called "rotan brand," the black convex head, when the female Rotan lays eggs, its outgrowth on the head increases, which would show that it is set up to protect their offspring, and appear more menacing. Rotana is usually caught in the earthworm, and especially large specimens caught in a piece of fish fillets. I once had a story: as I was returning from fishing with Ratanui very poor catch I had was with about 3 - 4 small rotanchika, and I released them in a small pond by which bezrybny passed. The following year, as an experiment, decided to fish there and to my surprise, there were many small rotanchikov.