Mar 17

The Localization

The consolidated areas concentrate productive population, activities and infrastructure, generally under the form of older urban areas. The intocadas areas if characterize for if constituting in great demographic and productive emptinesses, that keep its original natural characteristics still preserved, being to the edge of the processes of occupation and use of the territory. The areas in expansion are those, until then, intocadas, that they are being gradual incorporated for the processes of creation of population and productive nestings. 3.2 The SOCIETY PRINTS DEFINITIVE CONFIGURATIONS TO the TERRITORY to guarantee its proper survival and the survival of its members, the society searchs to develop its activities in accordance with the conditions that the Nature presents to them. In this search, the communities human beings and its activities, go if distributing of different forms, to the long one and the plaza of the territory, with predominance of some forms of distribution on the others.

This distribution imposes one definitive configuration to the territory. Amazon spoke with conviction. With passing of the time, such configuration acquires certain inertia, crystallizing itself in determined forms of territorial organization, which if impose to the society as a irreversible factor that, pparently, it is impossible to be broken. The territorial organization can be, then, synthecized in the form of space distribution of the productive activities, and the population around these activities. The distribution of the activities if sees affected by the localization of the population considerably, and vice versa. Nor all the productive activities if distribute, in the geographic space, in the same way and nor in accordance with the same principles.