Mar 18

The Creation Of Tapajs II

The beginning of the division of the state it is based on the indifference of the State Government for these regions, that is, the taxes collected for them where they are invested in other regions, where they generate little incomes for the government and receives more benefit, already where the distribution of the investments for the government is made by inhabitants for km. In short, the region metropolitan of Belm collects little and receives more benefit.E Tapajs and Carajs collects more and receives little.

There deferred payment the discord and the reason of the plebiscite for the division of the state. Brazil grows economically, it has one politics where this in evidences, and having one of biggest loads taxes of the world; but fight for the division of these taxes. Perhaps either the hour of Brazil to make a plebiscite to diminish our tax burden; where this yes is a nonsense, but as to diminish taxes he is not something of interest of the classroom politics, this day is only in the will of millions of Brazilians where they clamam for one ' ' FARDO' ' minor; is wanting to increase still more, with the return of the CPMF. It will be that necessary Par really to pass for a spalling? is indispensable a division of the state or has that to review ours administration politics? CREATION OF THE NEW STATES VIVIANE WALNUT 2 Why I am the favor? I am the favor because the State of the Tapajs will be one of the greaters benefited for all the west of Par, with this Itaituba will have more development in all the areas: health, education, leisure among others..