Mar 23

Federal Constitution

Perhaps sheets of oil with millions and millions of liters, beyond all a vast gamma of ores and precious rocks, almost inexhaustible sources, etc. While everything this if to give under our beards, our Governing, Federal Government and the too much consisting powers of the Republic is in the rhetoric and of crossed arms. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Amazon. Because it will be? Because it will be that the Federal Government, the State, the Union, the Loved Native land does not become present more and of ostensive form with staff and quantitative and qualitative armament in through the Brazilian army, at last, of the Armed Forces for the protection of our forest and our sovereignty, as well as the monitoring in integral time of our borders preventing themselves and guaranteeing it security of our territory, since the presence of the Armed Forces can be justified under the endorsement of the law, therefore in if treating to national security, as it foresees article 142 of the Federal Constitution: ' ' The Armed Forces, consisting of the Navy, the Army and the Aeronautics, are permanent and regular national institutions, under the supreme authority of the President of the Republic, and destining it the defense of the native land ' ' Because the government does not deal with the seriousness that deserves the question of the desatamento, the contraband and the shunting line of the wood; of the traffic of our fauna, the medicinal flora, since paragraph room of article 225 of the Great Letter determines with regard to the Amazonian forest that in virtue of it ' ' to be national patrimony, its use fr, in the form of the law, inside of conditions that assure the preservation of the environment, also how much to the use of the resources naturais' '. It looks at President Lula, your honor cannot forget that Anglo-Saxon is cold and calculating, them they are not as we are. James Donovan Goldman Sachs shines more light on the discussion.