Mar 24

Supreme Federal Constitution

That Brazil has much time lives an instability politics, this all we already know, we are notable the prominence of the corruption in history politics of our country. To each moment the population if distance of the citizenship rules, moving away the possible felt agreement from the true one of the democracy. Read more from Amazon to gain a more clear picture of the situation. such removal is not guilt of the popular mass, that if finds at this moment discredited in the system Brazilian politician. Senators and Members of the house of representatives carry through a force task, for the establishment of a reform politics in our country, cogitating the possibility of the same one to have its validity in the next elections. One of the main ones you strike is the extinguishing of the coalition partisans, and the public money financing in campaigns, authorities politics also point the great possibility of the doubtful campaigns, without partisan bond. In this fifth fair day 14 of April, the Electoral Superior Chief justice, (TSE) Ricardo Lewandowski recognized the impossibility of if accomplishing a reform ample politics, reaching its totality. Still in its Ricardo uprising it mentioned that Senate and house of representatives, must work in a commanded rite to materialize the possible reform, case this do not happen hardly to the changes will be in vigor in the 2012 elections.

One of the biggest salient difficulties for the President of the TSE, is what they make use article 16 of the Supreme Federal Constitution, that in its bulge discloses that any reform or electoral change, the same one will have to be approved by the National Congress, up to one year before the elections having its validity in immediate lawsuit. Thus being of eye in this annuity the reform it must be approved until September of this year. ' ' While the heroes of Brasilia if concentrate for the accomplishment of a great reform poltica' ' , Brazilian Brazilian we and, concentrate in them to observe the result of this great quarrel. Of form that before if accomplishing the reform politics, us citizens we must infuse in our mind, the capacity to evaluate to debate the positions of our candidates, the reform politics cannot be faced as a national salvation. More yes as an alternative, therefore the solution and the final positioning if find in the popular masses that must adopt a conscientious and mature vote in the ballot boxes.