Mar 26

Karl Marx

In politics, it is the condition that leads somebody to adopt a different positioning of what it exists properly in its being. In the production engineering, alienation has relation with product and useful end of the same. Of all the alienation concepts what it leads in it to one analyze reflexiva and less dogmtica more he is the considered one for the philosophy, inaugurating this term with the theories of Karl Marx, who in the book ' ' Manuscripts economic - filosficos' ' it defines the estranhamento that has the worker with the work that applies similar to reach its survival, and submitting it the desgastante work becoming the only objective world possible and thus its interior world if it exactly becomes poor more conditioning the condition of to be other people's itself for belonging it transforms that it into merchandise. ' ' In the determination of that the worker if relates with the product of its work as (with) a strange object is all the consequencias. With effect, according to this estimated he is clearly: the more the worker if consumes working (ausarbeitet), in such a way more powerful if he becomes the objective, other people's world (fremd) that it creates ahead of itself, in such a way poor if becomes he himself, its interior world, and in such a way less the worker belongs prprio.' to itself; ' (MARX. 2004, P. 81) the destruction of the interior world of the human being for the imposition of the exterior world is caused for the obligatoriness, Marx says that the work carried through for the human being is not voluntary, but forced and obligator by she is limited to supply the basic necessities of survival that are of the human being and not of lack inside of the human being, and for not to be something internal and yes external the man, the work if becomes sacrifice and not pleasure, and being thus its queerness stops with its function becomes it slave of another one, in this manner the human being is not felt as human and yes as animal.