Mar 26

South American Nations

Divides the difficulties that you examine into as many parts as possible, for your best solution. Rene Descartes Estabamos expectations of what would be the outcome of this meeting of MERCOSUR which gave both emphasis and where should have given solutions to outstanding issues which were, more to the problem of the crisis. The truth, that ended and how it is public knowledge and thus elmundo points out. It is, MERCOSUR and the Union of South American Nations (Unasur) concluded their respective summits without resolving several outstanding issues, such as the Elimination of the double joint in the case of the first block tariff and the election of the Secretary general on the second. The Presidents of the MERCOSUR countries put an end to the conclave held in the Brazilian resort of Costa do Sauipe (northeast) without signing the agreement to remove the double external common tariff (AEC) nor realize the regional customs code. It should be noted, El MERCOSUR will not perform their full potential while products can not move freely. We will continue working for the Paraguayan Presidency to try to remove the double tariff charge, admitted the President of Brazil, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, during his speech at the meeting. Lula gave the temporary Presidency of the integrated block by Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay to the ruler of the latter country, Fernando Lugo. Lugo, upon receipt of the Presidency, said that the management of their country at the forefront of Mercosur will be characterized by efforts to promote a more balanced integration and with human face failure in the negotiations to eliminate the double tariff was mainly by the objections of Paraguay, a country with no outlet to the sea which says not able to waive taxes charged on products from third Nations who enter their territory from Brazil and Argentina.