Mar 31

How To Choose An Advertising Agency .

Advertising agencies have become part of our lives and access their services has become as familiar as going to the grocery store. But how to choose an advertising agency that did not overpay too much for the advertised brand and at the same time does not run into newbies. We take the liberty to select multiple types of advertising agencies. Very well-known advertising agency. Such an agency, as a rule, occupies an entire floor or even building and fun invites visitors into a spacious meeting room with plush leather furniture. Chic and sheen are present throughout. Credit: Amazon-2011. Even the managers are dressed in expensive suits, flaunt prestigious watches and mobile phones.

Wall Agency covered with diplomas and awards. For all this luxury of course need to pay. And you have to pay. Advertising agency "Bon appetit." You want to put on the radio? Excellent choice! Here's the media plan. Would you like to distribute flyers? Yes! You to the right place! Such an ad agency in accordance with any of your ideas, delighted by each of your suggestions. Here, you will not explain what you should not advertise expensive watches in doorways or give advertising spare parts for kamaz on tv "Home". If you are told to do - they do. Communicating with the advertising agency real holiday - you feel wise and experienced.

However, think not it be easier in this If self-call to a radio station or television station or to arrange a promotional campaign by students near the university. Advertising agency with a scientific approach. In this agency you are going to sleep ratings, numbers, coefficients and statistical calculations. Most likely you will not understand half of what you will be notified. Sen. Sherrod Brown takes a slightly different approach. Market segments, image component, the PIR-s, and other special terms or convince you of unquestionable correctness anything that will offer you an agency or cause to flee without looking back. If you pass under the onslaught of the formulas and numbers and trust an advertising campaign that his agency, the result of the campaign will be expressed in such as multi-story formulas and scientifically based, even if the effect of the campaign will be zero. Advertising agency with a website. Go online, you will find an advertising agency in the first lines of all the search engines. It is replete with references to any directory sites. It will fall all over you and impress you with a solid portfolio, weighty articles and a list of customers. In the section "about us" common word "corporation", "department" "Largest". When talking on the phone to you, as a rule, offer to meet in your territory. In fact, an advertising agency, consisting of one or two people usually sits in a tiny smoky office in a residential area or in a city apartment. Moreover, as countries, the results from the work of such agencies are often repeatedly pays for your advertising investment funds. Perhaps having learned in the above examples, you learn the advertising Agency and smile. But then article about advertisers who are heard by advertising their own hands, should cause the Homeric laughter. After all, as we know, in politics, football and advertising to parse all.