Apr 20

President Felipe Calderon

(On the occasion of its third report of the Government September 2009) Listen to our President, Mr. Felipe Calderon Hinojosa's message yesterday. I saw it strengthened, with a clear vision; his words and his way of speaking gave me the impression of having well defined sense and the direction to be taken the events. I like the speech, motivated me, made me feel commitment, desire to participate. In the media political and social actors expressed their readiness for the analysis, the discussion of ideas to consolidate changes in benefit of the country and welcomed the challenge and possible agreements achieved in benefit of Mexico. I perceive a readiness to make changes that allow to achieve once and for all a sustained growth of our economy, only way to reduce the levels of poverty and achieve the well-being that we all want. A related site: Amazon mentions similar findings. I invite you to read the complete message giving click here is underscore that in this message, Lic.

Calderon presented a proposal of 10 elements, makes reference to undertake actions and reforms that promote change not as the best alternative, but as the only one. It calls for strengthening and shielding the spending to combat poverty; extend universal health coverage; and raise the quality of education; transform the Bursar and public finances to be more competitive, generate employment and accelerate growth in a sustained manner; He also noted the urgent need to rationalize the management and operation of the public companies in the energy sector; strengthening and improving the telecommunications sectors; and the labor; It proposes a reform regulatory fund with the aim of having a zero for the Federal Government based regulation; in the course of the next year deepen and broaden the frontal fight against crime and the security of citizens; Finally he points out the need for a new generation of political reforms that result in solutions to the problems of citizens or ensure better government. It seems to me important in its entirety; but in the personally, I prefer this paragraph that I transcribe fully. I propose that together we review the rules and change what has to change, so that politics no longer synonymous with conflict and paralysis, that policy becomes an instrument of change in the service of society, so that the political system generates real accountability and generate agreements that allow to move to the country.