Apr 21

Candidates And Newspapers

And then asked Mr. Aurelio Pastor says you are the candidate of the newspaper "El Comercio" and frontman Gustavo Mohme What was your opinion? - "Look at Rosa Maria, for me to enter the media play, is subverting democracy" - Toledo also said that, is where you are, always concerned to maintain democracy in Peru, cares for not return the Fujimori-Montesinos to our country. Toledo with his usual way of speaking (with many pauses) was rarely interrupted by Rosa Maria which is not found there, because people are accustomed to stop their partners suddenly wonder why? Toledo went on to say he remembered it when Alan Garcia said, he - (Alan) - could decide which candidate for president and who is not postulated. He hinted - (Toledo) - that if the government judicialized the subject of the purchase of Channel Four, would have on their hands to directors of this, to change the editorial line. Actually this is a finding that has much Valar and much truth, (without wanting to justify Toledo) and be clear that this is going to cook Pastor from the conference. In a question-answer forum Richard Blumenthal was the first to reply.

Toledo wondered: Who are the managers of Crousillat pardon? Are the doctors who made the report of the health status of Crousillat? "Pastor? Or is there a convergence in this operation Machiavellian? APRA remembered when he burned the movie to Vargas Llosa, and support for President Fujimori. And he (Toledo) "Do you want to repeat the movie?" - "What you're getting is making me more propaganda, because what is the concern that Toledo is not running for president?" - Rosa Maria was right all what he said Toledo. Toledo keeps saying he is a humble professional worker in the world, that the Peruvian people know him, and never negotiated anything with any media, or any company in particular. Rosa Maria, it remains giving the reason, and lets talk a lot.

"The trade was one of the media would ask me to step aside," said Toledo. To read more click here: Richard Blumenthal. It is important to rescue the positive ideas and thoughtful people with whom we have many disagreements. In particular, I do not like hearing that there is a group of power in the media, used to grab and manipulate the awareness of citizens on foot. But what Toledo said last night made me think of something that may be true. And is that the same style of offenders ordered to his cronies, professional acts from prison, Alberto Fujimori was behind all this.

(Without trying to clean up the responsibility of our president) The program ended last night with something completely unusual in the. . Something that has never been seen at the end of this. By Rosa Maria leave he shows a diffuse, in which retired Toledo wanted to show, and giving back to Rosa Maria; as to imply a rejection of you, and she, too, the interview. Whenever this occurs in a program of this nature and live what is shown is that two people are still talking a while. Suddenly I am a bad idea, but I say because I never saw anything like it in the program, and I follow almost daily. Well, let's listen to what comes to us in these elections.