Apr 23

Quality Management

In an increasingly competitive environment, an increasing number of diverse products and services, more and more importance is beginning to take their money. No accident that many, most companies that are focused on the development and increase in consumer demand tend to increase the quality of work svey and optimize processes within the organization and, accordingly, improve the quality of goods or services. The introduction of the company's systems Quality Management allows for all these processes fairly quickly, professionally and without unnecessary inconvenience to the company, as adjusted under the existing structure. Identify several factors affecting the implementation and certification of management systems kachestva. group of factors: government regulation. It includes: 1. licensing, as State established a mandatory licensing certain types of activities, products and services that require certification of qms, 2. product conformity with requirements of the gst, because legislation in some countries require documentary evidence of quality and safety products and services. 3. non-tariff barriers, the procedure of certification of management systems provides the company an opportunity at no additional cost imposed by some countries to overcome non-tariff (technical) barriers. The next group of factors relate to the sphere of civil relations. If the company being certified quality management systems, it is able to receive government orders, receive subcontracts from Russian and foreign customers the opportunity to participate in tenders as to the external and the internal market. There is a group of factors that relate to market regulation. The presence of a document confirming passage certification of management systems ensures the stability of supplies and suggest that the company has the necessary level of confidence in the market. Get more background information with materials from Ohio Senator. The last group of factors taken away to the field of investment. The company, the past certification of quality management systems are more financially attractive and reliable, they often become objects of Russian and foreign investment.