Apr 25


However, when I thought then decided that, of course, should have been surprised, especially when the Rabbit actually took a watch from his vest pocket, looked at him and ran. Then, Zapatero was jumped because he understood at once that he had never seen a rabbit with a waistcoat, or a clock. Therefore, burning with curiosity, she ran after the rabbit by the Moncloa, and arrived just in time to see how they fell into a hole that opened beneath a hedge of the Palace. A moment later, Zapatero also got into the hole, without stopping to consider how she would manage to leave then. At first the White burrow straight on like a tunnel for the AVE, but then turned sharply downward as surveys of voting intentions of the CIS.

So abruptly that the president did not even have time to think about stopping and falling found what looked like a very deep well. Either the well was really deep, or he fell very slowly, because as it descended had ample time to look around and wonder what would happen next. First, she tried to look down and see where it would go, but everything was too dark to see anything. - Go! Thought the President-After a fall like this, down the stairs of the Moncloa will seem unimportant! I find all so brave! Not even cry, though I fell off the roof Ferraz! And it was true, was still down, down, down. - Will not ever fall finish? I wonder how many miles I've fallen and said aloud.