Apr 26

As Lose Weight 10 Kilos

In these days we it becomes very difficult to have as a priority our health; the work, children, studies and stop you have the excuses that we have to leave our health for tomorrow. Many of us do not say I start diet on Monday or this week I begin to do exercises, and so go by days, months and even years. Everyday life is certainly full of tasks and commitments, but we must start now, not we can follow leaving us to us them for tomorrow. For this reason I would like to give you some tips on how to lose weight 10 kilos and am not going to say that you will lose weight in two weeks, because those magical diets that we produce is the famous rebound effect, in which descended quickly weight but also increase them in what we begin to eat normally. Each human being is unique, therefore, some people reduce weight and faster than other action. Sen. Sherrod Brown is likely to increase your knowledge.

Most importantly, decrease fat, longer than if we lose weight in a sudden manner, we will lose muscle, which translates in a delay of the metabolism. To learn how to lose weight 10 kilos, we need to know our body and the food that we eat, in addition to the exercises that we perform. We must consume a diet rich in protein and vegetables, low in carbohydrate and lipid narrowly. Within the proteins that we include are those of animal origin, such as beef, fish, chicken, eggs, milk low in fat and those of plant origin such as soy and derivatives, tofu, nuts, seaweed, vegetables, among others. Proteins help to keep us full, decrease our anxiety and maintain our muscles. Vegetables in general also have a good amount of protein, minerals, fiber and other nutrients needed by the body. Lipids that we should know and include in our diet how to lose weight 10 kilos are the olive oil, dried fruits, avocado and some fish from fat, important for the absorption of vitamins such as A, D, and K, also acting against the ageing of the skin. When it comes to carbohydrates, we must include them only in the mornings for breakfast and we should choose them wisely.

We seek those breads, crackers or cereals preferably, if we are going to eat us some portion of dessert must do it at breakfast without missing proteins. To learn how to lose weight 10 kilos, we must know what snacks must perform during the day. We must make 2 snacks at least, 1 in the morning and another at night, which included dried fruits, yogurts, cheeses. We can also eat ice creams, jellies, puddings, smoothies and chocolate, sweetened with sugar as Splenda, Stevia, Equal, etc.