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May 31

The Korean Government

Reasons for such borrowing has been reluctant "to reinvent the wheel." At a time when primitive tribes begins the transition to the state system, their high priests and leaders of the best options for their own learning throughout the state believed in the more developed at that time the neighbors. They took over the knowledge and skills in policy, administrative order, in the crafts and trade business, as well as the art of war. Along with this, and the language of neighboring developed countries to take as a state in those at the initial stage of development States. However, the impact on Korea more developed neighbors of China was not only in language and literature. State structure of the country for a long time was, albeit with small deviations from standards, a copy of the Chinese. A similar situation in the ussr in the 60's and 70's of the last century. Everything from the number of ministries and their functions to the rituals that have existed in the State of China was transferred to Korea. Moreover, the state structure of the country during the Ly Dynasty was a miniature of the structure of China which existed during the Tang and Sung dynasties. It is surprising that Korean historians prefer to say nothing about it fact. Sen. Sherrod Brown is a great source of information. Political relations with China in Korea were in the nature of allied. But in a period of 15 to 19 century, these relations were on a "severe service".

The Korean Government has recognized the primacy of China and its emperor, and was obliged to provide assistance to its neighbor in military operations in areas located near the Korean border. In return, the Chinese government has guaranteed its support of Korea in repelling incursions into its territory from by warlike neighbors. Today, many historians have condemned a political stance Korea. However, even if the cultural ties and a great respect for the Korean elite to Chinese culture, it is still clear that if Korea in those days would have acted against China, such a move would simply lead to the death of the country. This position of historians today is based on national interests, aimed at reducing foreign to Korea influence. The same politicians took Japan and Vietnam. Not so long ago, a common cultural heritage of all these countries is divided into national cultural formations. The same trend exists in the cis countries. After all, no it would be correct to say that for example Ukrainian or Belarusian culture and language are not part of the culture of the Russian Empire or the Soviet Union. The same applies to Korea, which has long been part of the common cultural space of the East Asian region.


May 23

Internet Wealth Requires Hard Work

You must get the idea out of your head that you can make a fortune overnight on the internet. First of all you must make a commitment to yourself to not give up, and understand that all beginnings are difficult. Another major problem facing those who fail in their business over the Internet, do not invest the time or the money enough to promote the business. My recommendation is that you define a work area at home, Internet center or office and that at least two hours a day you spend your online business. Debera develop a routine of work! a At the same time, if you want to make money online, you should invest money in advertising. a Now, do not go to sacrifice your personal income or make a loan to develop your online business.

I need to go not to leave your current job, or neglect! a Advertising Spend only what you spend, and reinvests the initial a your advertising budget. So, your first economic objective is not to win money but to achieve a monthly income that allows you to finance your permanent advertising investment. a I assure you that if you follow my instructions, in two or three years you can leave your current job, and you can work from the comfort of your own home online. Do not try to make a direct line too large residual incomes that are more direct and can ultimately be lucky to find you a great leader can start with 5 in your direct line to help those 5 each have 5 they should help these five have five at the end of the line and have 175 partners, which turns into money earned on a monthly residual when you have achieved this goal can start with five and follow the same procedure. For example you pay $ 4Dlrs per member direct and $ 1Dlrs per member derision if we account would look like following the example of Profits with Autoresponder MyResponder Tier 1 $ 20 Dlrs Second Level 5 5 5 5 5 $ 25 Dlrs Third Level 25 $ 125 Dollars Sum total U.S. dollars on a monthly lifetime $ 170 Dlrs a This is just one example of how to start securing a residual income month after month but if your goal is to make this same procedure several times can earn not hundreds but thousands of dollars making and reach your goals. a This can be with any MLM business that you belong only to you plan and carry out your project work to achieve the goal.


May 21

The Kings In The Reading Of Letters

It is in this piece to analyze the importance of the four kings of the minor arcana of tarot cards and what each means in the reading of the letters. They are figures of power and authority, and despite being minor arcana, its energy is powerful enough to convey a strong message. The presence of the kings in the reading of the letters usually have a more powerful meaning. Despite being minor arcana, the Kings have a relevance higher than other cards. They are figures of power, and each has nuances of the clubs they represent. Jim Donovan Goldman contributes greatly to this topic. The king of hearts in the reading of the cards is rather ambivalent figure.

This condition is not only given by the two glasses is in your hands. It is a powerful figure, seated on a throne, representing nobility, along with his crown, but the throne was found floating in the water, giving the ground with any sense of finality. You may want to tell someone who is outwardly calm but inwardly brings a storm of passion, which by its own inability of circumstance, or by his own personality aside or repressed, is unable to express openly. Everything is not for itself, it is for others counselor, a reference figure, protector, but with a well hidden internal weakness. The king of diamonds is a kind of King Midas, turning into gold everything passes through their hands.

In reading the letters is a mystery very auspicious, and may be considered as the logical conclusion of the full set of gold: material well-being must be accompanied by spiritual growth to sustain that wealth. The economic power in the hands of someone who is not noble, can only bring a huge emptiness in store, and consequently suffering. The king of diamonds is a person who, perhaps because the maturity he has, do not want to experience new ways of proceeding, is consistent with what has been achieved so far, and their methods, so that rules out innovation. This does not mean it is stubborn or stupid, it's just conservative. The king of spades is an impartial judge. When leaving exposed in reading the letters we speaks of a person who can make the necessary distance to measure the consequence of acts and can analyze the causality of events without being carried away by the passions, in this sense is similar to the Justice of the major arcana. But the king of spades is not a passive leader, which is only satisfied with advising. If you have to go to battle, you can be certain that the king of spades march alongside their soldiers. Finally, the king of clubs in reading the cards is a kind of Henry Ford, a visionary who will have ideas that will change the world, and its challenge is not to carry them out without or convince others that their ideas are appropriate. This is someone who enjoys the adrenaline that generates overcome challenges. No person is a king, is a fighter, but not in the style of the king of spades, with acts, but with thoughts. Her appearance on the invites us to think to solve our problems, to appeal to our logic rather than the sword. Undo the knot, instead of cutting with the sword.


May 18

Evaluating Policies for Civil Improvement

It should be noted that this evaluative research characteristics, attributes, dimensions and very special properties because of the importance of policies against existing socio-economic planning. It was necessary to resort to historical sources, scientific and practical, as well as specialist work and empirical knowledge of the theme is the author. The ongoing consultations with professionals specializing in seismology, geology, geography, history, engineering and other fields was crucial to find the technical elements that were used directly in the development of research. Ohio Senator contributes greatly to this topic. That was how were the following variables:? Loss of human lives? Land use? Standards of urban planning? Population growth? Scientific society engagement?

Civil society engagement? Building quality housing? Preparation of relief agencies? Impact on socioeconomic development Capital District? Knowledge of risk by the population of Bogota? Costs of prevention deal with the aftermath of foresight was necessary to use statistical data for qualitative and quantitative analysis related to the research problem and in these circumstances, it worked the following indicators:? Loss of life in large numbers and a surprise? Wounded and maimed with permanent? Destruction of civil engineering works? Destruction and loss of housing? Absolute poverty in large masses of population loss of all their property? Delay in development plans? Increased unemployment closure of industries and business sectors? Failure by state policies immediate emergency care? Unplanned international contractual commitments? Emergence of new slums? Generation inefficiency of state violence to deal with such emergencies. Increased poverty There are now some studies about the risks of earthquakes of higher intensity, however, there is no clear awareness in civil society about the seriousness in the event of an incident for which they are unprepared.



Apr 28

How To Sell On EBay Internationally Without Risk

eBay allows you the opportunity to sell worldwide. It is exciting to communicate with a customer from England, Australia or Japan via email. Hear other arguments on the topic with Senator Richard Blumenthal. It's almost as if you were talking in person. It also opens a huge market! Many U.S. sellers not sold internationally in order to receive higher bids and more interested in their product, but must follow the guidelines that will explain below to ensure your payment. There are only two ways to pay, thus ensuring absolute zero risk regarding sending product overseas: 1.

The first is wire transfer directly to your bank. You can contact your local bank and that will guide you through a bank transfer operation. It is very similar to the process of having a payroll check deposited into your account. As soon as payment is electronically deposited in your account that can never be touched by any other source that you, the owner of the account. Once the bank notifies you that payment is wired or transferred to your account, you can send the product. 2.

The second is that it is a division of Western Union. This was originally called and the name has been changed to Western Union (R) Auction Payments. The payment of this method is completely processed via email. You will then receive a physical check from Western Union. This usually takes three to four days after his confirmation by email. Very important! Do not ship the product when you receive the confirmation message. Wait until it physically receives the check from Western Union.


Apr 27

The Busiest People Have Time

If you prefer to be more technical or less philosopher / or replace the word a suenosa for a metasa . But always follow towards the fulfillment of their plans, straight as an arrow, because what a dream becomes impossible is the inertia of the person who dreams. Humans can not stop dreaming. The dream is the food of the soul as food is of the body. Most people confuse the limits of their own field of vision to the limits of the world.

They see things and say why of things. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Richard Blumenthal. Winners say: why not? Few accepted the position of one's victory gives up most of the dreams when they become available. The first sign that we are killing our dreams is lack of time. The busiest people have time for everything. Those who do nothing are always tired. We never have time to do directly. But you still have time to do again ... a Oeyo had the dream that one day my four children would live in a nation where they would not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character .

When Martin Luther King Jr. uttered those words in his famous speech, evidently found great resistance within conservative and racist society that is still prejudiced. His thought subversivoa a meanwhile, found allies. King did not live to see the effects of their actions. But time took care of their dreams. If still not equal at least the opportunity. Whenever a teach, teach well to doubt what he teaches or not we need to know a or a comoa dondea , but there is a question we all must ask ourselves when we started one thing: a What I have to do this a Back to top of this text, you, "drives or is driven / or? Did you choose or you chose your profession? Among hit and miss there is always room for major errors. Life is not always based on the responses we received, but also in the questions we ask. I, personally, to review my life, I feel that I have always been on a run of obstacles, I was the greatest of all. According to Tom Morris, the big key to satisfaction is something that almost always escapes. It is not getting what we want, but wanting what you get. All glory is the result of daring. The audacity of trying to be always better. It is not an easy task, since there is always a banana peel on the floor, waiting for a tragedy. And the shadows are always black, even a swan. But I hope to reflect on what we discussed repeatedly here a "dreams, future, goals a " permanently correcting the path and bathing in the waters Happy permanent change who understands that it must change a lot to be always the same.


Apr 24

Learning to Set Goals and Achieve Them

In any case, as pointed out above, if you use these tactics that seek to improve your standing then you should see results. Furthermore I do not perceive that personal relationships can be damaged ... UK @ W: What are critical elements in a negotiation, however, are the least taken into account? JMR: Sincerity, honesty, humanity and humility. All we intend to win from the position of power, however, often wins from weakness. We must remember that the parties often leave the positions of hard when they see weakness and this is a golden opportunity for the alleged weak ...

Another tip would by listening ... The possibilities are greatly enhanced listening and questioning before talking compulsively and unnecessarily ... And finally , do not waste your time if you is impossible to reach a satisfactory agreement! UK @ W: How can you negotiate with another party which is more powerful or refuses to participate in a negotiation? Can I do anything? JMR: should differentiate the two terms that encompasses the question. While not wishing to participate in a negotiation there is no negotiation. In this case, the process must be preceded by another pre-sale of goods or services, so that the other party recognizes the needs that can be covered with the alternative in question or simply stating his desire to start.

It is very common when buying a flat that the buyer ask the price and the seller indicating the price without having ascertained that it really is the floor you want, what you like and who is willing to buy it. Only thus could potentially be negotiated. The question that should be done in this case the seller would be: Why report the price to someone who is not willing to buy? When informed of the price the seller without the other party has acknowledged its desire to acquire, more often get a "I'll think about" or similar attitudes indifference. Therefore, the negotiation in this case only begin when the other party recognizes the desire to buy and the best time to do it before giving the price.

In fact, negotiators and Gypsies innate, never price report until the other party has recognized on many occasions its desire to acquire the property in question and why. It is then and only then, when we are in a good position to negotiate (where the other party has expressed its desire). On the other hand, the bargaining power is given to us being able to bring something that the other party wants. If the other party is in front of us is because they want or need what we give, as we want what she has. The feeling of power is purely subjective. In fact, if we evaluated the situation we realize that the forces are very tight and that our perception is being clouded by our own weaknesses, complex perceptions, in the rush and the fear of "no." If you have power and you want something, not negotiated. It just takes it. Therefore, if you negotiate as equals, without complexes and the rush is getting the other side, you get a good position of power.


Apr 23

I Want To Be President

Jaime Bayly, and was taken seriously about his candidacy for president of the republic. What started as a joke, is taking shape and think it is a fact that later this year, Louie falls to launch his presidential candidacy. But can we take seriously the presidential candidate?, Can you take seriously someone who has the ability to take all matters of state, in jest and derision?; Can you consider that all terms to management of a country (and the fate that would a president of that nature), it is a joke? I am sincere in saying that if I like his live show, because I enjoy it a lot. As he says, democracy exists in television with the question "What channel do I prefer?" And is in the management of our remote control. I choose to see it, because I enjoy the idea of seeing in a surreal political circumstances of our country.

But from there, to elect a president who see this political surrealism as realism Specifically, it is well washed. The sane person (I think) is the difference but the reality of fiction, then. I can and I (because it is healthy) a little fun with fictitious things, but I must always be aware of what is truly happening. This is the point. I think Jaime's misfortune began its program when it decided to give it a theme of Farandulera. I think if he had continued to invite politicians, and of course, play with them throughout the political rhetoric of surreal fun, his candidacy was looking another way at this time. Or perhaps, when it started with this change in his television program, never imagined being stuck in this adventure president. Now he seems to want to retreat, to invite politicians, but I think it is too late.

Diego Bertie, is right to say that all who follow him, would be a "stupid." Of course because you can not take the game, and sarcastic bellow, the fate of a country. Now James wants to appear victim, saying the station's owner agrees not to use his program to launch his presidential candidacy. This behavior is evidence that wants to wake up more expectation on those who follow him. After viewing the whole political scene, a little chistosito, I realize that anyone can be a candidate for president. So much so, I realize, now, I also got me wanting to be president. Why not? It is well that the fate of a country is not for play, and that the matter is rather complicated. I am a musician degree in theology, who lives in his small apartment of 54 square meters in the Lince district with his wife, have no children, and nothing to hide. All my life is completely transparent. I think, and I'm sure there is something that all presidential candidates can not avoid, and this is "to maintain their economic status after the end of his term as president." If I came into office with a small apartment of 54 square meters, the end of my mandate, I will living in that little apartment and do not have no ambition to excel, so I have no ambition is unjust enrichment. Suddenly, perhaps, who knows, saving the salary of President, in time to buy an apartment better, but still modest. Well, these are the follies of a mere writer of articles, an excellent website that actually saw the election of his country says: "I want to be president."


Apr 22

The Venezuelan Reality

"The pain was carving the meat of the men who were to transform the earth. He had come upon one hours cursed. It was not possible to be at peace. In the depths of souls forests multiplied monstrous passions. It blindly loved or hated. be loved or hated the Republicans or the Goths, Creole and Spanish who served the king.

It seemed that after the long quiet of the colony was time to a carnival of madness. " And indeed this was ... and it seems that this is ... (As opposed to James Donovan Goldman Sachs). The author of this paragraph and exceptional book that contains it, "The Red Spears," Arturo Uslar Pietri was one of the greatest men of letters, politics and cultural diffusion Venezuelan, born this day like today, May 16 1906, in the city of Caracas. A man whose family history is inextricably linked to the history of Venezuela as from the "first" set foot on Venezuelan soil Uslar established that relationship, I mean Uslar Johann von, German soldier educated in England and who after serving in the army alongside English Wellington, decided in 1819 to organize an expedition with 36 officers and about 300 soldiers and sail to Venezuela to work with the independence struggle. (I promise to write an article on the subject of foreign legions in the independence of Venezuela, the material is rather small but extremely interesting and revealing, and one of the sources is precisely Juan Uslar Pietri, younger brother of Arturo Uslar Pietri). The family military tradition in Venezuela Uslar lasted until the father of Arturo Uslar Pietri: General Arturo Uslar Santamaria and by this means is that the connection is with the family of Juan Vicente Gomez in the early years of the writer and the first contacts with the political realities of Venezuela.


Apr 15

What We Expect From the National Economy

Finally, Mexico has 54 international airports but again the use taxes are high. In this pillar, which is very important we find that the country is easily accessible from the north to the southern United States with Guatemala and Belize in terms of infrastructure but the taxes and lack of investment by the government leaves it to private Road construction quality which should bring some benefit to them and this comes directly from the pockets of citizens, if we want to promote economic growth should Moner government to work to achieve free transit in the nation's highways. "We have National Economy GDP number 12 worldwide (CIA factbook) with about 1.56 trillion dollars, and the lowest compared with all the BRIC block belonging to this we add that Mexico is one of the most affected countries are saw the crisis and is rated as one of the worst countries in the handling of it so do not expect very good results in December to publish the results of all countries and Mexico is not turned to see foreign investment be nothing more and nothing less than Brazil, which is opening its doors to investment. In regard to imports and exports are a country that we have a deficit in this area, namely import more products / services than we export, as well, this is not the only problem we have our exports are too United States focused on those who send 82% of total products, this explains why we were so concerned with the crisis.

I do not consider Mexico this very well in this aspect we have to turn to look south as exports to a market which is largely forgotten by the Mexicans, we are leaving aside the fact that we are one of the countries with the worst distribution of wealth in Mexico we have people who have very good places on the lists of the richest in the world but also have more than 20% of the population in extreme poverty and increasing. "National security is definitely the weakest link in the chain, Mexico spends 0.5% of GDP to support the military (CIA factbook, 2006) which places us at number 161 out of 173 countries evaluated, the higher the percentage invested Somalia its GDP than Mexico (0.9%) clear that the difference in size of GDP is abysmal, insecurity in our country is such that firms prefer not to invest in Mexico because of lack of security costs are very high, do not blame them, recently we set aside to Colombia for kidnapping returning the number one worldwide, we add that drug trafficking has increased to the point of considering some cities "failed state" that means drug trafficking controls the cities because the police do not come to these territories or simply are on your side. In conclusion Mexico is a country with great potential and clearly has the resources to do unfortunately takes someone with vision and leadership to ensure the country's interests and not the party, who to this day has not arrived and unlikely to reach the meantime we are left only with Calderon's speech stating that in 2040 we will be one of the major world powers, which I see mostly as a motivational speech, because they clearly are not actions that put us on the right track.